yoga for sun tanning and pigmentation: sun tan removal yoga keep your skin spotless and shiny with 2 minutes power yoni mudra


Yoga For Sun Tanning And Pigmentation: With the arrival of summer, people start complaining of sun tanning or pigmentation. To avoid this, they are forced to wear full-sleeved clothes even in summer. If you are also included in the list of such people, then there is no need to worry now. Today you will know about such yoga which naturally keeps your skin tan free and glowing.

According to yoga, a person should spend 40 minutes in sunlight every day. While doing this, you can also keep your face against the sunlight, or cover your face with the help of a cloth.

What is sun tanning
Sun tanning is a common problem in summer, in which a person’s skin gets burnt by the sun and red rashes appear on it. Sun tanning causes a lot of damage to the skin and the skin starts turning black. Due to the sensitive skin of the face, it is more affected when it comes in contact with the harmful rays of the sun. However, the treatment of this problem is in yoga.

Yoni Mudra Yoga-
The practice of yoni mudra not only keeps the body and mind calm but also helps in maintaining the glow of the skin by protecting it from sun tan. By practicing this yoga regularly, your skin remains young.

How to do Yoni Mudra Yoga-
To do this yoga, first of all sit on the ground in the position of Sukhasan. Now making a pipe of your tongue, fill the breath in the cheek. While doing this yoga, you have to close your nose with the thumbs of both your hands. You have to stay in this chin lock position for as long as you can. While doing this you will feel that your energy and energy is moving towards your skin. After that by opening the chinlock, open the hands and exhale through the nose. By regularly practicing this yoga for 5 times in the morning and evening, you will definitely get benefits not only in sun tan but also in pimples, acne, pigmentation.

Ubtan can also be used to remove sun tan.
Make a paste by mixing sandalwood powder, coconut water, lemon juice, cucumber juice and honey in this ubtan made to remove sun tan. Now apply this rubbish on your face for 20 minutes and wash it with cold water.


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