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Why Sagittariuses Can Expect A Romantic 2023, From Astrologers

So, how can you lean into to this lovey-dovey year? According to the twins, it’s in your best interest to squeeze in as many dates as possible. “Proposals, weddings, or babymaking could be on deck for Archers through mid-May or perhaps a renewed relationship chapter that feels like a second (or third) honeymoon,” they add.

Summer is going to be a sizzler this year as well, with Venus on a long tour through Leo and your travel-oriented ninth house. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity for a vacation with your S.O., or even a long-distance romance, the twins say.

Just watch out for Venus in retrograde from July 22 to September 3. You could feel an urge to rebel, and the truth could get “slippery,” the twins note, so they recommend not making promises you can’t keep or changing your entire life for a love interest.

And even if all’s well on the relationship front, this year could bring you some particular challenges when it comes to home and family, and you may crave more simplicity.

As the twins explain, one of the best ways you can support yourself through it is by minding your health, particularly in the first half of the year, as the stars “reward your efforts to eat green, clean, and lean.” After all, if it’s love you’re after, few things are more attractive than someone who takes good care of themselves.



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