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When the Jokes Don’t Work …

If there’s ever an inability to lighten up either something is being misread or taken the wrong way usually in defense to calling a person out as though a vibe was received to be forced to accept a pain equivalent of what matches thought to be done to others, this is when you being single or your sexuality is mistaken to be a discomfort that you expose others to or with confidence offended by and nothing can be taken back once a person thinks that something stupid or offensive is in you that threatens the cool of demeanor of others seeking to play to a crowd so if that’s the tendency then everything is taken into consideration would be unhappiness to not feel good then to bring up all the moments you ever felt referenced to to inappropriately explain for a worse condition now.

I think a coming to terms eventually arrives when it no longer feels good to make fun of a person the joy is lost and usually occurring when circumstances to change to either seem as though one doesn’t allow or is not inviting for it made to seem awake to a system of business making none taken personally it’s when a person is tested to see what’s taken personally is the theory being used to declare an unhappiness or defect assumed to be by the location where one lives inviting to or allowing for in a down position.

Sometimes there are misunderstandings so that’s a secret comprehension that feels good for some for all else to feel right when it’s assumed you’ve done something wrong to someone so that’s how you get treated if you’re loving to men as a woman mistreated as though you harm men and then treated in the reverse as a pervert or if not friends with women treated as though you’re gay or not comfortable by women to declare that you’re insecure in a way you don’t belong or should know why you’re shy or not comfortable.

Nothing can reverse when the inappropriate is laid this is how secrets are revealed when what is thought is to say until one speaks reflective of a secret condition to be identified by the face body or octave of a person assumed to carry within to treat someone as though they’re unhappy with what they have or mistreat as though they have something defective other women don’t have or wrongfully accuse of passing a defective condition or a reaction to accommodate a defect in a woman if a person unliked.

If you get sued you are viewed to be mentally I’ll and not loving and wrongfully accused of having poor associations in life based on who you talk to them you get treated as an offender if people who are functioning addicts are nice to you as a sober law student this is to treat you as gone and then further to see how you react to happy people and that’s to see how you feel when you die inside and sometimes that’s what keeps successful people going in life to hurt or sue people who they think are gone mentally I’ll defective or fail and that’s not anything that you can prove wrong. You can love your life but you cannot make s person feel good who feels hurt by you or who thinks that you hurt them that’s a non argument situation so it’s not that I’m newly victim to anything it’s an adding of weight circumstance or creation of evidence to reinforce a prior claim of mental illness to conform sonething new about me not existing at the time of the previous lawsuit. On s more public scale and you can’t expect a person who doesn’t feel good made fun of or ridiculed yo feel good when people feel strong or get pissed ofc when a person gets sick if doesn’t feel well. So that’s the risk taken in lawsuits you can wind up a person gauged for attack mistaken as gone or drug addict or has mental illness sex problems and that’s to treat you as though you are afraid of something true said not said about you and feared a lawsuit was mistaken as and because that was mentioned on Twitter then I was treated as though I’m at a disposition in life that seeks a condition to wrongfully accuse me of being sober here I don’t belong or having a pressure making any woman or man feeble to me – love is asked for when people need love if you have disability or pain that’s being wrongfully accused of making people feeble to you and caring a pain within that others feel to wrongfully accuse you of bearing a condition people feel good by and to say that you are bad because people who feel good don’t make you feel good to say that you’ve taken things the wrong way and this is how punishment makes it impossible to help others and that’s how punishment serves to keep offending you ignoring you and letting your image be ruined and look bad that’s what they think you’re for. As I said before everything will line up to what was thought until it becomes of me … that I can’t explain or be myself and speak through without feeling pain and that’s the unhappy part of making fun of people for whatever reasons. Usually people who pause don’t intend to hurt people they enjoy making fun of like the detective or a woman or angry boys or men that’s just how they are when they see a person weaker than they are and there’s nothing to correct. You either accept pain move on not bothered not read into it or you argue why you’re in pain and that also doesn’t solve the problem. Do I don’t have an answer for you or anyone I don’t feel good and it’s because I was told to stop loving life and stay home without a pressure on me, then treated like I have a pressure on me that I expose others to to wrongfully accuse me of not being liked and around others exposing them to a pressure.

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