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Understanding Your Momentum … – mymollydoll

In order to succeed in life, you have to do what you feel is right, and in the event you feel attached to unwanted thoughts or people, it will be up to you, what dead weight you choose to carry around with you or blame for your loss of energy and momentum. It could be disinterest, jealousy, disrespect, negative feelings, those will usually stop you in your tracks and not in a helpful way, it’s the kind of moment when you are forced to look at yourself, and if that constantly happens to you, at what point do you just accept yourself for who you are and stop allowing yourself to feel affected or changed by anyone or anything, influencing your decisions in life, or how you see things, at some point, you will reach a point in which you will decide to choose not to integrate, or choose not to allow yourself to be changed by any people or ideas that you don’t agree with or you presume are not in alignment to your interests in feeling above and beyond the issues, that part of your personality still exists, despite setbacks in feelings and thinking, which are always in your control.

According to, “Your mind is the most powerful tool you have for the creation of good in your life, but if not used correctly, can also be the most destructive force in your life.” [1] If changing or improving doesn’t do the trick, question your viewpoints and how you see things, or what you think of others, are you being negative, are you being judgmental, what are your expectations? Chances are if you feel you deserve better, don’t admire, look up to, respect, observe, or expect more, think why am I expecting this from this person, and what is it to me, to hear something that resonates with what I think, and why do I not feel good if this person does not amount to what I think, and how does that confuse your senses. For example, I think I’m one of those people who didn’t photo well on occasion and because I look weird in photos people thought differently of me, it will usually be people who are not attracted to you who will be the most judgmental of you and the way you look. No one looks that weird we are all human. It wouldn’t make sense for me to be well liked on Alexa if I wasn’t a person who can get jobs, graduate, and be dated, and makes friends easily, that must mean that I by virtue of being who I am, naturally make people feel more confident, more self-assured, introspective, independent, and reassured, safe by me, that must mean that I’m a solid person, a balanced thinker, and an even tempered person.

To the contrary, its those who you don’t expect well from, that you fear, or assume is defective in a way, congruent to a reality that doesn’t exist, that’s the stigma and alienation suffered by people with mental health issues, to be compared to people who are mentally ill, violent, dirty looking, or dirty thinking, criminal, or stupid, and to some who have not experienced hardship mentally or physically or put on meds, they treat others as having failed them, which is not fair.

Unfortunately due to a suicide attempt 2009, I was forced to take meds and be diagnosed with Bipolar, and later Schizophrenia, and I wouldn’t know the causes for suicide, based on my own life and things generally working out for me in life, sometimes you won’t know why you don’t feel good and that’s not your fault, or a public perspective shining down on you, from others known. Perhaps later as a blogger that could be a risk that I assume in life, to not be liked, and on that basis, suffer from conditions of distrust, expectation, and unattractive impression, which I’m sure is a concern of people who want to look good, feel beautiful, and be well liked.

I can assure that everyone I have dated, improved, shined, succeeded, felt good, and able to move on. I can assure you I was never a woman who was rejected, received negative attention, no one talked $hit about me, I was never in any fights growing up, and never had beef with anyone in any community I have ever lived in in my entire life or failed to meet the mark. I have always dated those who approach me, make the move, and show persistent interest. As a model the roles are reversed, when you are viewed in an attractive or alluring way, to which more than who is attracted to you or interested in you will view you and judge you, and this is what can hurt your esteem or personality as a provider of a sense of pride and confidence in life. You may not meet the expectation of people who saw you as ugly, fat, or a failure, not cool, those people cannot be helped by me, doesn’t matter if they are male or female, they are above and beyond me to a different set of terms and definitions of light in life, that I’m not apart of and not trying to be apart of, not jealous of, and not thinking about, so that makes sense.

Usually you work, write, and improve to create opportunity for yourself, but opportunities will not occur, if you are not defended, have a clean record for 10 years, and have no offensive, dangerous, or prejudicial content on your website, otherwise I would not be able to be a top blogger on Alexa, I would not get likes, I would not be read, and I would not be able to write and maintain a website online. Being a blogger is not to create a better life for myself that I was not able to create for myself in real life, its how my life was before law school, except online now, social, integrated, getting along with others, and not asking for any favors in return.

Being well liked on Alexa is a guarantee to any employer that I’m independent, can function in the world trustworthy, can stay out of trouble, others find interests in me, and have no problems in life current that are keeping me from being able to work and function away from my blog, or my things in life, that’s being light on your feet, you have to deal with problems in life, and get used to conditions in life, and get privileges to write in life, by defending yourself, by explaining your outlook, and not allowing a negative outlook or terminology to take hold.

How I will come into conflict with others as a blogger? If you are a medical professional you will probably think you are smarter than me, more knowledgeable. If you are concerned about what you look like and what you think or are made to focus on, you will read with hesitancy with expectation for surprise or something obnoxious or offensive or a turn off, and to be in disagreement with me will make you feel good about being you. If you are shy, insecure, or enjoy reading because I was a law student, means you are not affected, and means that others will be hard on me or cold to me, because they think that innocent people are being influenced by me in a way, to be told things seeing me as guilty or criminal or schizophrenic to wrongfully accuse me or saying things inappropriate or too close to the mind or the body of someone who is fragile or unsuspecting, expecting for me to say something shocking to then treat me as offender or mentally ill to wrongfully accuse me of hurting people who expect by heading or job titles online, criticize me as not being able to provide the standard of care expected of a writer online, and treat me as though I plant thinking perspective or story that you wrongfully accuse me of inflicting into the minds of people you think have better lives without knowing me, to wrongfully accuse me or convincing people to be like me, who you don’t like, so that they think like me, who you think is mentally ill, to convince people that they’re smarter than me, with the hopes to convince people who know me, that they are being hurt by someone who is not who they are online or by title, to wrongfully try to convict me of being a person different in real life than I am online. So it’s people who see clearer and get smarter by reading my work, who then try to convince others that I’m not clear or mentally ill, or unprofessional, or not real, reality based. I think a diagnosis tries to convince people that you are worse off than you are, and its to convince you that you are mentally ill, stupid, not right, wrong, and going to die at a young age, and have a short life expectancy, and not able to work, or will end up in jail or homeless. That’s what a diagnosis of schizophrenia tries to do to you, it convinces you to commit suicide, because your life is hard or bad, by disabling you and putting you on meds that make you fat, immobile, unable to think, depressed, and can cause you self-harm, disfigure, and alienation and social discomfort to look weird, head and body shape abnormal, so people treat you as abnormal, and it also makes you more susceptible to disease, subjecting you to risk of harm.

Just because I survived mental health issues, does not mean that I have the answer to your troubles or the formula for your wellness, and self-confidence, and I’m sorry that I cannot provide that to you or guarantee that you will come to know me, or love me, or respect me, or think that I’m important. My blog works for me and works for my audience, known to Alexa, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so no one random is reading who cannot be traced by technology and be found, so I’m not distributing secrets or intelligence anywhere to anyone who would benefit to the expense of anyone who is improved or privileged by me. I’m copyrighted by the Library of Congress and I paid fees and dues with Legalzoom, so I’m protected, I’m not a security threat, I have two stepped all my accounts, and emails, and Facebook, I’m not an open network private to anyone, and change passwords frequently by the advice of the FBI, and if anything happens I write a written report to them, what happened.

If you have a mental health issue, and if my blog is too challenging to read, or doesn’t fit what your needs are, you can always read a regular mental health oriented Instagram or Article on that is specific to your learning needs, to identify symptoms or if you need help with more scientific guided instructions of things to do in the immediate to cope with a mental health issue, unrelated to my blog, or about something that I have not mentioned or does not relate to you. I have done my best to speak openly, speak clearly in an educated way, in a real way, in a way that makes sense standing from my shoes, of how to improve and to make it in the world despite having all these feelings and misunderstandings about you, in the end you can only help yourself, and a lot of help will feel unwanted, especially in a vulnerable state, it can do the reverse for you, cause you to be stiff or not be comfortable to open up, some people will not make sense to you, some things people have to say will not resonate with you, or work for you in life, and sometimes talking about feelings and sensations has nothing to do with who you are as a person, mentally or sexually, and neither does you face or body prove what you or others think about you or yourself, its something that happens to you, its your job to adapt, improve. Whether or not you can correct what’s wrong with you face or body, have faith in the ability for your body to heal and believe that you are capable of feeling good, and liking who you are in the mirror, chances are that if people are making you feel bad about yourself, you will gain weight, you face will turn ugly, and you will hold on to weight, gain weight, this is how voices can be detrimental to your health, why some people don’t get along, come across as too strong for the tastes of those who are more sensitive and prefer a more gentle approach to life.

For example, I am a very positive and loving person, all my relationships last, or stay open, with no official breakup, or on the road to marriage and a ring, and most things I work hard in or dedicate my life to works out for me, such as recovery, mental disability, law school, jobs, and dating. Its all a matter of what you choose to focus on and what you have time for, that’s up to you, when can you afford to take a risk with your health, and connect to other people, and when is it a good time to focus on yourself. Negative voices are especially disabling for me, because it will be words and things I don’t say personally, in a different tone, and don’t sound like me, which is a confusing experience to hear things that are not in your vocabulary, temperament, and things not said out loud through your mouth, which is a weird experience. Versus me as blogger, these are tangible words, you can see with your eyes, that are coming from an identified person Leslie Fischman Age 37, with a well known Pen Name, who leads a normal sober life, who doesn’t take risks, does not put herself in danger, does not connect with strangers, stays in touch with Law Enforcement Officials, and does not get sick while performing online or in public ever look messy, guyish, obnoxious, or behave or speak inappropriately to anyone in public or around others, speak outside the circumference of who is talking to her or if recording, so loud that another person can hear, and does not talk like people know her, or should look or notice her, or remember her, or be made to think about her, see me as special.

What can cure voices (hearing things that are not coming from your position in life, your life, your experiences in life, with a vocabulary coming from another persons perspective that you don’t feel the same of). Negative voices are people who are unhappy, judgmental, who think everything is about race, or money, and think that everyone is lying to them, don’t think that anything is real, don’t feel sorry for people, are investigative and prosecutorial who are driven by negative feelings and emotions, who prefer to be on in an offensive way because that makes them feel strong, to intimidate others, or have people look at them, and feel small, or seem suppressed or disoriented by them, those are people who think they are smarter and think that by being bolder than others, that makes them strong, without awareness for how others around them are reacting and responding, which if there is no response can mean hurt, so that is not always a good quality to have, to be strong in an offensive way, when what you look like and what your energy looks like, interferes with the peace surrounding a person uninterfered.

So back to momentum … there are four things that can help you when trying to identify your own momentum in life and what keeps you going and improving in life: (1) What are you thinking (2) What are you focusing on (3) Where are you headed (4) What is your potential (this is where affirmations kick in to reverse the toll of negative voices, angry people, who think that everyone is wrong, and they are right, and think that everyone is offending them, and blame other people for not feeling good, and see themselves as strong and independent and professional, and think that anything less is barbaric or fake or pretending to be strong too.





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