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You can be a woman, and have no understanding of their distress signals or be able to read the needs of one another, it’s not something you are trained to do, to read into others, or figure eachother out. Socially these are skills that you are born with, getting along with others and making friends. Almost to a T, I’m the platonic friend, the friend who never dates, the friend who is there for you in times of question, and the friend who men don’t hook up with. That’s me, friends with everyone, but not necessarily the friend in need, or the friend to help, or the friend that you wonder whether they like you or not, it’s not anything I ever grew up thinking about.

If you’re a straight woman, you never think twice about anyone’s sexuality, or concerned for your own, and if you are liked by men, you never really have problems being alone. Its like they’re around anyways, so you never really feel like you’re missing out compared to other women, who date, move on, or look elsewhere. What is the point of this discussion? To be a person who supports the good health and conditions of others, as you get older this will matter, but not really in your teens or twenties, everyone seems to be on auto-pilot, driven, busy, and social, so you never really become too concerned about what phase of life you are in. You should be in action, you should be doing things, and dating shouldn’t be anything that you think too hard about, the right matches will make sense to you, its not a condition that you have to make happen love, or wedding bells, it occurs when you both are in similar places in life, looking to settle down and comfortable with eachother, otherwise people go on and keep looking, or take their confidence to new heights. Its not really necessary to think too much about it, men and women, will be the same, wanting to feel good, and take things to new heights, that’s in everyone’s interest to blossom, and to love themselves and to be loved.

People want to be recognized for their love, for their skill in paying attention to the needs of others, and for their heart, being there for others, and be loved for who they are. That’s being a woman, it’s not that you need attention, like men, women can function perfectly fine as professionals working and keeping busy independent and to themselves, but like anyone, women want to be noticed, for what makes them special or stand out from the rest. That’s women, a desire to be unique, and to be loved for being themselves, and who they are or for who they come to be in life. Women are girls who grow into themselves, and become who they have always wanted to be loved, that’s women, women are the protégé that a young women wants to see themselves as when they get older. So if you cant find that out there for you in life, it can be a version of you that you create for yourself, or see yourself as in the future. That’s how some women come to be, they have hopes, and dreams just like men, and they hope to one day in full bloom, have the type of life and love in life that they’ve always dreamed of. So what keeps people small. The way to a woman’s heart is to make her feel beautiful strong, resilient, noticed, and commended for who she has become, nurturing her independent spirit. Whereas men may need nurturing for their inner child, why women, and men who need love go good together, but there must always be a careful balance, not shrinking eachother, to be small, that’s the failure sexually between any couple, to not grow and blossom together.

How to make a relationship blossom? Spending time with your partner “is essential to making a relationship grow and blossom into something much more profound.” [1] This is when being alone in a relationships can cause your attachments in life to go haywire, feeling sudden lows, and depression upon separation from your loved ones, its like you were approached a whole and complete person, and they leave with the other half of you, your focus, and in place of you being the confident independent one, they become that way toward you, a tell tale sign of things to come, it can only get more draining, if you don’t fix the problem fast, either choosing to save your relationship, sacrifice your needs to another, and wind up empty handed in your own life, focusing on someone and waiting for confirmations from them, as to your future. Your future you can decide for yourself, and whether you are in a relationship or not, your future should still have potential and you should be able to wind up where you want to be in life, with someone, or alone, attached, or separated, everyone deserves to move on in life, unharmed.

It takes a strong woman to be there for others, and to have high tolerance for things mentally and physically, not easily wound up, or broken down in life, to be a good decision maker for themselves, and to lend an ear or insight to others, to base their decisions off of, not suffer the same in life, those are the lessons you learn surviving your own life crises in life, nothing that a man or woman can save you from in life, not feel good or feeling sick, its something you go to the hospital for. There is nothing that can explain what makes a person feel sick being rejected or for things to be failing for them in life, it just means that it’s a good time for a person to be alone in life, and to take care of themselves, it means that a person is not strong enough to take care of another physically and emotionally, so this explains why some women stay alone to get strong again, so that they can be there for others and connect again, it’s a good fact about life, that if you meet a woman, who is not ready to date or be friends, that simply means that they are going through something in life, and not available for friendship and relationships. This can occur in a woman who has been hurt, would explain why a woman wants to be alone, or not be bothered, or not be available for nurturing the loving spirit of just anyone in life, that’s not a woman’s job to make a man feel good, or to make women feel better about themselves, and certainly not my job, to make women feel good, or make men feel good or smarter about women in general based on knowing me. Maybe how you talk about life will change reading my writing, and that I hope for more sensitivity, but that cannot change how you get treated in life, and even more confusing if people treat a woman like a guy, or see a woman as a small boy, might as well call that schizophrenia, which is why Im dating again and having sex with a 59 year old, and putting marriage plans on hold, until Im decided on whether not I want a family, and can support the life of another be married and have a child. Why Im working 2 jobs right now, aside from blogging, so that I have a future, and can provide for myself, be independent again. Im sorry if that’s a confusing subject for anyone to comprehend, that Im a tomboy and don’t always speak in a girly voice, and because I have a thick body and overweight, assume that I have a masculine body or personality, and wrongfully accuse me of being feminine online or sexually with men, and wrongfully accuse me of being a man or a fake woman, #stopsuicide.



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