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The Correct Amount of Skincare Product to Use, According to Derms

Toners, Essences, and Other Liquids

When it comes to toner—and micellar water and essences, for that matter—many people rely on cotton rounds or reusable cloths to apply, “but you lose a lot of product in the applicator,” Hartman warns. As such, he recommends squeezing toners and essences directly into the palm of your hand. 

“You only need about a quarter’s worth,” he says. “Then use your other hand to gently pat the product all around the face.” When doing so, he says to avoid the eyes—and when using toner, specifically, to steer clear of the nostrils and directly around the mouth to avoid irritation.  

If you feel like a quarter-sized amount is overkill, Green says that “the right amount of toner should effectively be used for ‘problem areas’ such as the T-Zone.” If you have dry or combination skin, however, she says that you may not need to use as much toner, as it could further dry out your skin.

As for micellar water—which is designed to remove dirt and debris from the skin—the best method is, in fact, a soaked round. If micellar water is a staple in your routine, though, it’s worthwhile to upgrade to reusable rounds (like Last Object’s Last Round Reusable Cotton Rounds, $14), as using cotton pads multiple times a day can get pretty wasteful



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