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The Age-Defying Secrets Summit Starts Soon — Here’s The 101

Thanks to renowned nutrition experts like Joel Fuhrman, M.D., ancient medicine researchers like Nick Polizzi, sleep specialists like ​​Michael Breus, M.D., heart disease researchers like Beverly Yates, M.D., and brain health experts like Daniel Amen, M.D., this expert-led program will help you dive much deeper into the science of longevity—far beyond surface-level tips and tricks (though you’ll collect those along the way, too).

After this summit, you’ll have a better understanding of what to eat for a longer life, how to exercise to extend your able-bodied years, which herbs can help you feel better right now and for years to come, how to actually get better sleep, how to keep your brain happy, and ultimately, how to tend to your body on a daily basis—plus, why all of this matters to your overall wellbeing. 



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