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The 13 Best Winter Fragrances on the Market Right Now

Kilian Apple Brandy

Apple Brandy


Kilian recently expanded their Liquors collection with two new scents inspired by spirits. Apple Brandy is exactly what it sounds like, in the best ways.

If you’re familiar with brandy, you’ll know it’s a sweet, fragrant brown liquor that smells like a sweet perfume all on its own. There are many variations of brandy, like blackberry, peach, vanilla, and apple. This addition of the fruit makes it even sweeter, easy to sip on, and great to incorporate in a cocktail. And apparently, it’s the perfect base for a scent.

I don’t need to run you through the notes on this one because the scent is pretty literal. Take the way brandy smells, then elevate that, and you’ve got it. It has the warm, boozy sweetness of brandy, syrupy tartness of the apple, and the nuttiness, wood, and spice you look for in a scent like this.

I’m from Wisconsin, so brandy is a big part of the culture there, and I have to say Kilian nailed it with this one.




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