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Sunscreen Pilling Can Be Prevented—Here’s How

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At the end of the day, not all ingredients are made for all people, and if the presence of a certain ingredient just doesn’t vibe with the other products in your skincare routine, it may be better to nix the one causing the problem and find another SPF. Fortunately, our experts provided a slew of sunscreen options with little chance of pilling.

Mineral Brush Facial Powder SPF 50


Engelman said this brush-on SPF is especially great for oily skin, as it’s super lightweight and the dry formula helps to reduce oiliness, which could contribute to pilling. 

Bliss Block Star SPF 30

Block Star SPF 30


“Those who are acne-prone should opt for a physical sunscreen that sits on top of the skin and reflects UV light instead of absorbing UV radiation like chemical sunscreens,” Engelman said. This Bliss formula is non-comedogenic and helps regulate oil production with rosa canina fruit oil. 

Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE City Smart SPF 50

Elizabeth Arden
PREVAGE City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50


Engelman recommends cream and lotion sunscreens for dry skin, and to look for formulas that also contain hydrating ingredients to nourish skin all day. She said this SPF 50 from Elizabeth Arden will also help to strengthen the skin barrier, making it more resilient. 

La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen

La Roche-Posay
Anthelios Mineral Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 50


“Sensitive skin types should use sunscreens that are fragrance-free,” Engelman said, and recommend this iconic formula that’s held holy grail status time and time again. 

Glo Skin Beauty C-Shield Anti-Pollution Moisture Tint

Glo Skin Beauty
C-Shield Anti-Pollution Moisture Tint SPF 30


Perfect for those who find themselves using too many products, this three-in-one formula from Glo Skin Beauty is the ultimate multi-tasker. The tinted moisturizer provides broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection, blue light protection, and vitamin C-driven antioxidant protection with a gorgeous glowy finish.



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