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Culturally there will always be differences in opinion when it comes to story, status, what you’re known for, who you know, what you represent, what people think of you, and whether you are someone who can be liked absent background information about you, rumor, disrespect, or bad story and some things are permanent and permeate through the creative minds of those who choose to stand in disgust counter to what privileges you have afforded others by knowing you to feel apart of something being made live online, with demonstrated progress shared in the form of stats, analytics, and work product.

What I have to offer the world is what I was able to achieve online as a blogger to be known. How to create a stable and reliable place of information created by a person who has achieved privately in the form of education and relationships in life to qualify to speak about life and help people who are struggling to cope, don’t know what to think, feel offended, skeptical, angry, disheartened, out of the loop, not in tune creatively, faced with dilemmas personal who need advisement with how to accept hardship in your life, and write in a way that benefits anyone who reads without creating teams or using people to make myself look important or apart of, created writing and provided information analysis and thinking which is of value and unique online that is applicable when building more acceptance for others or how to view things in the positive and not get caught up in sickness or misdiagnose situations or face confrontations in life based on the opinions you share or for what you think or look like.

I think I’ve done my best to be conservative and not show my body but the voices become too much and instead of being considered a person to fight or question I would rather present myself as brave for being a woman and being online and showing my face in public and being well liked and read which is a very hard task for any writer to openly communicate online for free and create value online that’s not publicly recognized and paid for officially to be credited for who Ive influenced in a positive way. I am also brave for talking about mental health issues or theories and considerations made in the event of news occurring coming from a news story share what I think or what could affect me or others I think this helps people who get scared or feel threatened to not feel threatened or guilty for what they think or for how they judge a situation or myself and I’m kind enough to share what’s difficult for me to comprehend even if it does not directly affect you as a person based on who you are or who knows you or how you interact in life are received.

Someone who’s an offender is someone who makes people uncomfortable and feel grose to be around it’s someone who is trying to be close to you or wants intimacy that you don’t want intimate connection from and not attracted to, usually someone from a lesser life or who you would be embarrassed or made to look bad standing next to or in connection to, that’s when what people think of you matters which occurs once you become a blogger and online and people go through all your things to see what your about focusing on looking at to see who you are as a person in private or will never stop fascinating people what they look like when not in public how they talk and interact with people or what they struggle with mentally what bad things have happened to them or what they look like sick or made mentally ill self harming or suicidal and I’m sorry that that happened to me in life. If I knew how that happens to people I would explain what not to do in life or what looks or demeanor can cause people to treat you that way or why people assume you’re not wanted or not respected or not liked to explain why you look stupid or grose fat and not good looking I wouldn’t know what makes you look unattractive or trashy or devalued I don’t think I’ve ever been someone who walks around in life that has ever scared anyone or made anyone feel offended or not approach me in life I’m approachable easy to talk to is my personality I’m not needy I don’t approach others and I don’t make offers or deals or advertise myself for anyone to make money.

So I’m sorry I had a bad experience private that got shared about me in public. I’m sorry that I stopped having sex and dated online. I’m now having sex and dating again and taking better pictures after writing for 2-3 years online and building two websites. Being popular means you have permission to be seen it gives you the confidence to speak and not worry what you look like and makes you less fearful of rejections or questioning yourself. A bad diagnosis can make you really insecure to yourself introverted and not confident in life who wants to be known for what symptoms they suffer from in life. There’s so much going on in the world that it doesn’t make sense to live a more difficult life than is necessary or take chances or be too loud about who you are in life nows a good time for recognizing what’s to value in many people that’s being a humanitarian is to recognize how people are human change grow and adapt and I’m a good example of someone who struggled but found ways to improve who eventually started writing, got better at writing and public speaking, and eventually was able to get paid jobs, that takes experience and competence which I learned as a blogger.

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