All relationships start with a woman, she plays every relationship and responsibility heartily, whether she is professional or has seen a personal event come from the middle class. I have seen and I have also faithfully fulfilled my every relationship and more than ever the woman is expected to play her every relationship well, whether ever spending time with her parents as a friend. So sometimes join in sorrow and happiness with your siblings, sometimes you have not got step by step with your partner, sometimes by giving children good values and making them better human beings, So as a guide of his ever-growing fickle mind, he has to show us that we are very important to every relationship, but we who handle our relationship so well but do we get that same important, then why is A housewife is called she doesn’t do anything she is just a housewife Why do you go to church all the time, you are sacrificing happiness and your career for the happiness of others, but nowadays, with the changing times, relationships are also getting bigger, nowadays people are making themselves famous to show off their liars. Tells about how many women are there who spend their entire lives in every relationship Works hard to succeed and do what she wants in the big, just do her part and respect, do they get the love and respect that she deserves but we are just like this on selfless and strong, why we often play every relationship I forget to maintain my relationship with myself, our relationship with myself is a relation of being a woman, seeing everyone is important Why do we lose our identity by giving.


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