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Regarding Fires … – mymollydoll

It’s been my experience when there are fires, people become extremely irritable, and helpless, and its really based on who is strong at the time of a crisis to step it up, and to help reassure other people and provide support, until the weakness corrupting the minds of those affected by fires, are not made to hurt by anything they assume is known or has not been done right or good enough to prevent an attack, if a fire is viewed as attack, nor is due to any misrepresentation by anyone to any Country, that’s the fallacy of thought.

It’s a fallacy of thought that people upon becoming strong, assume that those who are not strong, or able to be strong for others, are made to feel weak or lost, and that’s an improper assessment of what a weak or lost person is lost by, they were wronged and they feel scared, and they feel hurt, and they want a harm to be prevented, that’s how you make victims strong, not by convincing them that they look bad, or attract negative attentions, or blame anyone’s representation of what the perceive to be a fact, an issue related to any cause of any fire.

Therefore please don’t assume a weak person is to be consumed by a force of some intimidation or some insecurity that they are made to be scared of on the inside. So that’s how a fire is viewed, to be a reflection of a failure on the part of someone, which is not something that the LAFD preaches or any fire department, teaches no theory to make people feel unsafe. If anything first responders tell you things so that in the event of emergency you are made to remember things that should help you comprehend what to do, or how to make decisions to protect yourself and the safety needs of those around you, that’s quick witted advice that will not fail you, a first responders advice to you, who is not trained to make you fail, is trained to save your life, not corrupt anyone with “misinformation” to cause delusion or indecision on anyones behalf.

“Misinformation” was something I learned at FEMA trainings, that in terms of social media “misinformation” can be detrimental to the mental health of those in crisis. So if it’s not necessary only speak to things in terms of the fear it causes to those who were well, and now feel threatened or under attack, and for what reasons have yet to be determined, or assumed to be due to some rumor or belief held or not held or thought of or made others to think of others in the wrong, or misunderstand. So that would be assuming that a fire represents a fight of interests or representations, which is not the cause of a fire, any charades, treatment or inclusion.

A fire is a natural disaster that cannot be explained, and if it is an attack, that would mean that people are being victimized and it is logically not their fault. What occurs when victims cannot speak, is for someone speaking to be treated as though by rumor or personal study of their story is made to bring out circumstances to cause delusion, which is how my 2009  “scared by a valley attorney blogger” is being connected to a fire in the valley because they think that story was published to the extent that a fire in the valley was caused and mistreating me as though anyone would act on my behalf, or wrongfully accuse me of having stories that mislead others, or allow for criminals or a terrorist group to attack anyone to any story, then punish me as though its coming from me. I don’t preach blame, and I don’t play victim. I tell my story by what happened and how that made me feel and what caused me mental illness, and if it caused me pain and mental illness, then, then 2021 should be no different, and just as hurtful to my freedoms, my reputation, my sense of belonging, and my feelings of safety, was underserved.

If I have not harmed anyone sexually, and did not deserve to be attacked called “derilic” which were the voices that I heard during and after the first fire in the valley, and then got a job, and worked in film. I can’t explain how  voices happen its when they treat you as offender and think that you have hurt people and are something scary or hurtful. If that’s the case then you would feel it when you see me, like the Brentwood homicide case, by her definition of what’s lethal or a deadly person around you about to commit a homicide, therefore scaring me, just makes me not able to help others, and when you scare someone good and torture them, that’s thought deserved on behalf of a man, who you think Ive corrupted or not worth it.

I assure you if I was not worth it or corrupted or mentally ill I would not be able to date or work, that’s the test being done with a known risk involved, that if one is wrong about a person, they just get weaker, and that’s a risk that strong people take, to decide whether to treat you as hurtful or connected or disconnect you and hurt you on behalf of people.

I assure you that if I were in pain or suffering or beaten up I would not be able to have sex period, or with myself, or be loving with anyone. So that’s a deadly punishment to a woman who you are not sure is dangerous or criminal and torturing as though how they look beaten up and given voices, is to explain for how a person in common should be made to feel, to blame me as not making people feel good when I’m beaten or tortured, or made to believe that voices are real and not a force or a threat that can be stopped, to convince me Im mentally ill, to not justify why I was attacked. Mistreated as offender, means that I’m not the person who is causing anyones head to hurt nor am I an unwanted force as someone hurt, wrongfully accuse me of making anything up that anyone had wrong who now feels better if I suffer or if I die, that’s because they think that Ive done something wrong why they want me to die, and that’s how people who have you wrong treat you, to see if you get sick with no one else suffering, to see if you respond how someone who attacked you responds, had love then flips out, to treat you as similarly disoriented or headed to a bad place in life by some wrong that you should flip out in the event that you are given love and its taken away, to defend who flipped out when you got victimized and then injured you and hurt you, when you got attacked to make fun of you as stupid, and that’s how someone tortures you and tries to kill you, thinks youre stupid.

To get voices, and die, is a real condition a deadly condition, and not one that should be allowed to continue, if its causing me death to be called pervert and is not true and theres nothing you can make me do or change to make it true, means to acocmodate another definition of what it means to hate or dislike a person, so they don’t have to conform to your prosecution or “persecution” theories and wrongfully accuse me of being schizophrenic and not making sense, I need to no excuses to justify the hate of others, if theyre disorganized by me means that it is wrong to treat me as the offensive content or human being that’s scary or disruptive to the health of others, it means not to change me to gay, and clal me pervert, ir wrong to do, and is not my choice, when my sexuality gets attacked, that I want no one to be apart of that’s a moment when you are alone, and nothing is bothering you, I don’t need sex to feel strong protected or to maintain my innocence and be feminine, and if that’s the new prosecution of me then will not talk to anyone, and deleted all messages to protect them, so that I am not injured or tortured or wrongfully accused of hurting people I spoke to well.

I anyone hurts you if anyone helps you is why they separate you again, to cause you pain, anf that’s how people treat a person who they do not think accommodates everyone, to hurt their feelings a reject them, that’s when you wrongfully treat a woman is pervert, its when you make yourselves feel scared and insecure and flip out and become angry and fast thinking, because you think apart of you is disturbed so you attack me like apart of you is in me, I can assure you if you hurt me, its so you can speak through me that’s how a body translates through you.

If they don’t recognize that you are well and able to connect, then sometimes people get hurt and beaten up to see how others are feeling and that’s when taking a look around cannot explain for the wellness felt by those who feel safe, hurting someone and punishing themn in private cannot fix what is wrong with you, when you look at a person, and want to destroy them such as myself, means you are using me as excuse to justify someone elses anger.

Which is why I am the way I am now, why all my jobs and relationships get ruined, because they wrongfully terrorize and torture me over fires, because one was close to my house, so they are wrongfully accusing me of feeling good and writing a book and not work through a similar hurt and turbulance following a fire, which is a common reaction, not an ability that you can think through without doing something positive to protect others from harm. That’s how pain goes away, when you don’t seek to punish who tortured you or hurt you, and allow them to be on a team with everyone else, who feels helped, not blamed, so no one is brought into question

That’s how people get away with hurting you and torturing you like you deserve to die, because they are scared of you, once their agenda to hurt you, doesn’t work or feel good by what they felt good by, doesn’t explain a fire, and is the wrong analysis or justification for a fire, based on who is strong or writing, blame that anyone is strong or mean in a way to cause a fire, or accuse people who feel wronged as being right or accused of being wrong, also does not explain a fire and any mean voices.

Why they think if my story by word is related to a “valley fire” is to wrongfully accuse me of hearing voices calling me “pervert” after a fire, to bring up a Tinder date to wrongfully accuse me of being guilty or mentally ill, because a relationship to reconnect with opportunity to wait, was forgone, to then hurt me again, with a time period to wait, to hurt me as though I dont wait, or choose lesser options to wrongfully punish me, to cause me pain so things dont work out for me, to mistreat me or put me in a condition to wrongfully accuse me of not helpijng things to work out for others, which is not what a fire represents thi8ngs not working out, whether I help or cant help or get tortured does nothing to the effect that is should cause any fire, if everyone has normal lives, and my life is the only life that is tortured or sought to be changed for reaction to wrongfully accuse me of making any sudden decisions wrong, to say that I have pains that I cannot stand or that are not real to wrongfully accuse me of not carrying a peace and a life to which others are apart of to wrongfully accuse me of needing the peace or life of another human being to feel well or have a good life.

Simply because they think that my fear caused by reading someone threatening me and my family, because they do not know whether I had voices or not yet, I did not have voices at the time, I was mentally ill by threat to which no one beleved or could not help me with, and its been my experince that when a woman is criticized, that is sought to treat me as suicidal by something that I have done wrong to another to wrongfully accuse me of being mentally ill toward and woman and becoming suicidal, to say that if I am made to argue with a woman and I get suicidal means that I am wrong, and that if I am confronted about liking a man, to wrongfully accuse me of committing suicide as though I processed what I had done wrong or what others thought that I did wrong, and died because I was wrong, which is why I was treated as sex offender to see if I die and whether anyone comes forward to accuse me of being sexual toward hem or mentally ill, why it is sought to make me a loser or mentally ill or schzioprephrenic to wrongfully accuse me of being stupid or hurtful with no life, to defend anyone who hurt me, as though they should feel hurt by me, if I end up worse off, or improve make feel bad, and that occurs when you attack what makes a woman loving or strong, mistreat to create a case to cause them to be sued or treated as offender, to wrongfully accuse a well spoken woman as using a dumb sexuality to lure people to her, who she then makes people feel like shit or stupid, I think a woman who feels bad by a woman, thinks she is better than, and man who is okay with a woman, is not offended by them, and by the time a woman is attacked, its because women and men like eachother, and they think that you are someone who if loved, takes love away from other women, competitive with you. This is because you are judging my photos asked for as being sexual toward someone who called me pervert to wrongfully accuse me of making him feel bad, when it was me who hurt stupid in the head. So thats how people make you feel scared loving, by calling you pervert if you show your face or body.

Before law school was not a real dilemma forcing me to study the case and depositions, which was a real heartbreak and embarrassment, on top of a threat, which feeling cannot be described by what happened to me three years ago being threatened and burned online by a bunch of terms to disintegrate my brain and cause me voices and ultimately cause my head and body mental illness and schizophrenia, that’s when you use a human being to witch, when you torch someone online because you think its deserved because you think that life will feel good if they did not exist or if they were getting attacked, and that’s how a person who learns from you and misuses you tries to see if you being destroyed torched or raped by random people, would cause you death and whether that will make things right, which it doesn’t. So thats how a woman gets treated as offender and tortured, its usually until what they think they see or know in private or public to explain a hate or a fear, its people who do not have the ability to make things better, are who attacks a person, until they have disability.

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