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Recent Texts with Todd … Just Heard the News #publicstatement after shootings …

Written 11/21/22.

Tonight’s the AMA’s so I’m sure people just want to relax it’s Sunday, so you deserve that much. I think I’ve already discussed issues and submitted my arguments to US Supreme Court, and have submitted Release of Informations to Todd Spitzer’s Office that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with me it just means that my Doctors have discontinued care due to missed appointments while at work and forgot one appointment. That doesn’t mean there is something defective about my condition. I also managed bullying recently in private without making a big deal of things and was able to calm down his anger toward me. I’m pretty diplomatic I never shout I can still sing and I don’t lose my voice over any issue. I think by now I can write under any conditions. So please don’t mistake my earlier post without hearing the news as though not writing is about shootings no it has to do with permissions and ongoing issues where if you don’t want to hear from me then I don’t have to write everyday or weekly it’s as simple as that. You can only be where you’re needed in life.

My goals as a blogger were to be known in the positive and use the platform gifted to me by friendship to Sydney Simpson to promote wellness and in spite of disability succeed in life anyways and graduate from law school to me that’s inspiring when someone no matter what happens to them continues to move forward in life and doesn’t give up.

Being known in common to most through blogging does not mean that my blog is something to hide it’s mentioned on all resumes when applying for jobs. I do consider my blog my job and do consider all writings capable of getting me in trouble if I don’t speak well on topic or help curb hate or intolerance toward any group in life. This is not to blame anyone for their portrayals of life and for anyones confusion thinking or assuming a portrayal is of me in the negative if that amps you up in life to put things together in that way that’s your right that doesn’t mean that those who don’t like me are capable of causing me sickness or getting me in trouble only I can control whether I get sick or get in trouble it’s no one’s job to tell me I’m sick or try to convince anyone that I’m trouble or criminal I’m not criminal I went to law school it’s for everything you are in life you get judged had I not gone to law school I would not be comfortable talking online and sharing my thoughts with the world.

I think studying life coaching can improve my public speaking skills and identification of topics to share with others through writing. I’m the only person close to The Simpson family who has not been interviewed by the news or featured for my courage to attend law school in spite of the trials which affected our families. I think I am brave for being disciplined and smart enough to get into law school and not throw my life away to drugs and alcohol become a dumber version of myself or a nobody in life. I’m a blogger, I’m somebody, and I’m here to stay. Rest is required when people are questioning your health and insulting you there is no recipe for reaction or flipping out it just turns into a pain that I inherit it’s not an issue you can fight about with others when people don’t respect you for whatever reasons.

I think I’ve done my best to blog and to share in the positive I’m sorry my story or how I’m integrated myself nomination or whether famous people know me or not and whether those who wear orange in common agree, I don’t think any amount of support whatsoever amounts to an explanation or a chain of events that leads up to any shooting type or crime and certainly not by my story is there any chain reaction occurring within me or to me coordinated that should explain for how a shooting happens, those people are separate entities with separate lives not in my life and I’m not out here convincing anyone of any conditions not existing “schizophrenia” voices is real whether you enjoy me sharing whether I’m symptomatic or not that’s not my fault I take all meds as prescribed. What you want to know is nothing I can provide like how does a shooting occur that’s something you ask law enforcement what triggered those people to shoot and for them to figure out who they are connected to in life but please don’t wrongfully accuse me of not being strong or sick minded and wrongfully accuse me of making any shooter feel sick of angry those feelings don’t exist in me those are feelings existing in others directed towards me and those are not feelings I teach or condone or preach online as solution or explanation for violence exhibited by people that’s not my medical diagnosis or line of profession to diagnose what mental illness a shorter has as directed toward others. That’s not what I’m for. I’m for prevention. Whether there’s a sickness directed toward me is not what I wrote to scotus about if you read my letters tell me where in those letters have I ever blamed what’s pop culture or nuanced about celebrities and those who wear orange as anything have to do with me or where I come from where have I ever credited myself for things others have done for prevention and in what way are you being critical of me with expectation for explanation for a shooter. I can’t explain how a shooter thinks or feels so please don’t attack me like I should speak for them they should die suffer in jail and rot in hell for all I care I could care less for shooters they ruin lives and I really don’t care who F up and why they are that way. I certainly have not F up in life or poorly influenced anyone. I’m not suicidal I don’t self harm I don’t bother others, I’m living, I date, I can work, and I’m a top blogger. Don’t blame me. Take it to court! Why would I care if you don’t like me that’s your business, I’ve not done anything wrong, I’ve not broken any laws. Im honest, I work hard, I wrote two websites, I am #enough …

Recent Texts to Todd … (1-2)
Recent Texts to Todd … (2-2)

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