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Progressed Charts 101 + How An Astrologer Interprets Them

Because progressed charts are used to show gradual changes and evolution, they hold their meaning longer than a standard “transit chart,” another important predictive astrology chart.

The moon is the fastest-moving planetary body in the progressed chart (and one of the most useful). It moves approximately one (1.09) degree(s) per month. It takes approximately 2.3 (often rounded to 2.5) years for the progressed moon to change signs and around 27.5 years for it to go through all the signs. In contrast, it takes 30 years for the progressed sun to change signs. It moves one degree per year and only goes through two to three signs in most people’s lives.

The distant planets (Neptune and Pluto) move very little in a progressed chart. Nearby planets (Venus and Mercury) move at a similar rate to the sun, though their movement is less consistent due to retrograde periods. Mars moves half a degree per year.

Each of these planets can spend years of a person’s life in retrograde motion (in the progressed chart) if they were retrograde at birth or in the days or weeks following birth. Because of these long time frames, aspects within progressed charts and from progressed charts to natal charts can be active for months (for progressed moon) and years (for sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury).

Jupiter and Saturn are “middle planets.” They move at middle speeds in both transit and progressed charts. Unless you are born with one of these planets in the last degrees of a sign, they may not change signs in the progressed chart during your lifetime. Saturn moves about one degree in 18 years in a progressed chart, and Jupiter moves one degree in 12 years.

Thus, when Jupiter or Saturn do change sign or direction (going retrograde to direct or vice versa) in the progressed chart, it is an indicator of a notable shift or new phase in life.



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