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Notice: Last Day Challenging Subjects

This is the last day I will dedicate to writing about challenging subjects that I’m not advised supported by or trained in how to approach subjects and makes sure I say everything well enough to fix what is wrong I think it’s worth it to at least try to address what’s not clear and hurtful and directly impacts and it’s important to show that you care and it’s also very stressful to carry on like things are to be explained for or reflect a culture or people system that’s failing. Sometimes the best way to talk sense into a feeling of things gone wrong or leaving feelings with people who pass they should not be left with disempowerment or inability lost hope or made to see or recognize anything as hurtful people with lives are in the same lives as us and no passing should alert us that anyone has failed making life special or too much or too late or cannot be fixed your health is all about how you are feeling and that’s a confidence not a game about people feeling good about being here this is why to appreciate who is here nothing is too late there is no pain or game of understanding of life that doesn’t have it right and there is no time period now especially any less glamorous or special influential and memorable to the minds and memories of those who adored and admired their presence performance and inspiration. Before being upset by who you think wrongfully is benefiting from a source you are made to think is connected to or going by a feeling coming from a non us citizen or foreign place accept that what you reject or investigate is for your reassurance … but let’s also account for lives lost known is a moment to settle down on what’s wrong … there is nothing urgent or not being done or too late or an emergency to fix in any period when people are laid to rest what’s wrong is a feeling that cannot be fixed and is especially wondered about upon a passing of anyone known this is how a person is used to determine what is wrong or not mixing I cannot explain for those who have passed who have experienced health complications internally or any pain compared to a pain experienced by addicts who’s health failed by pain medications or illegal drugs all suffering is painful and unnecessary. Each person is different some are happy ably right now some are affected by news, some live meaningful and beautiful lives, some work, some work to make things better, some cannot fix lost time, and some people have disabilities and a lot of people won’t be good enough or viewed as important or smart or mentally ill and I’m a good example of someone who others have identified as disabled it’s hard for me to accept to, it is disappointed and cannot be explained. This is an example of wasting energy focusing on an issue something wrong with me I can’t change and questioning whether I accept something made true about me and in what way should that explain for others concerns over not knowing something about me. It’s been my experience “focus on negative” things will not get better bent out of shape or difficult talking or upset, sometimes it’s to fix a problem sometimes it becomes a problem you can’t fix, and everyone is gifted to experience moments of clarity it’s a feeling you achieve by doing things right and getting through difficult period and like anyone of you don’t feel good won’t know why so whether it makes sense of doesn’t it’s a feeling based on your thoughts and your life this is why pain is hard to understand and how you get hurt again if anyone knows your story it actually makes you not impressive, it could be the very reason why you’re not special, so that’s why not to self publish a book.

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