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Must-Read: 3 Ways To Restore Collagen In 2023 For Youthful Skin

PSA: Beauty sleep is a real thing. Sleep deprivation (which includes frequently getting less than seven hours) induces oxidative stress in the body. Additionally, losing sleep increases cortisol, your stress hormone, which breaks down collagen. Research has even found a direct link between shut-eye and collagen production3.

Not to mention, that spike in cortisol might even trigger breakouts. See, this spike manifests into more sebum production and, thus, more breakouts. Even if you don’t typically have acne-prone skin, a lack of sleep can contribute to what dermatologists refer to as “occasional acne4.”

All that to say: Use this time to prioritize high-quality shut-eye! (If you need some help, check out our favorite natural sleep aids.)

In addition to getting a good snooze, you might want to mind your caffeine intake. Studies show that consuming a dose of caffeine (specifically 400 mg5 in this study) up to six hours before bedtime has “important disruptive effects” on your sleep. In addition to having trouble falling asleep, the study demonstrates a link between that caffeine buzz and interrupted sleep as well.



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