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Self-love is an easily misunderstood subject, and I can tell you that when you get misunderstood to loving others and not yourself, is how you are made to feel bad, and not feel good being yourself, and maybe that’s a jealously project reserved for others testing for limits, secrets, and when people have had enough. Blogging is not an analogous situation to the privacy of one’s sexuality, but whenever things on the outside are not explained for, they get easily misunderstood to represent subjects not stated and that’s when the negative inference is easily decided. Something that people think that you are not thinking, is negativity, just like speaking to something or forcing others to admit their reservations of you, that’s a sensitive issue, what makes people think less of you or highly of themselves. For many people your social status and romantic status will be factored into how you are treated, and there’s a point past sexuality, when you get used or misused to determine that youre in poor health or incapable of loving another, to which you get beaten and abused over. It’s when no one cares about youre heart and exposes you to unwanted attentions to see what your face looks like embarrassed or humiliated, the goal for negativity or for hate expressed toward you is a weird face, or awake eyes, something that makes you look stupid and offensive, colorless, or scared, without a brain. It’s been my experience that who likes you will talk to you, and never to worry about who does not like you or does not feel good by you, they probably feel good by other women, or men, and think that you are unintelligent, or not worth knowing, that’s someone who both hurts your feelings and offends you in public, and that will make your face look stupid, and youre eyes look hurt, when you have been through a lot privately that is not spoken about in public, that putting a secret or a negative picture over an identity and calling it something to attract other people who are mentally ill and weird looking, to see if I look mentally ill and weird looking if mentally ill and weird looking people read my blog or go through my things, that’s the determination for judging whether you are a safe place to read from, or whether you are carrying any unwanted connections in life, or people who are educationally deficient, and angry or weird looking or any other traits to dislike by looking at your face, sought to be proven by watching you to see whether you mix or don’t mix with someone who does not like you or is not a match looking at you or watching you, to see what you feel upset or injured by, whether you can tolerate all people, or whether to express for someone who views you as a person not to mix with on the basis of what your diagnosis or sexuality is to make a joke about a woman who is not having sex, to misjudge their love or admiration for homosexuality or lesbian, someone whos love makes a straight person feel uncomfortable, that is how you teach a straight woman to teach an unidentified woman as gay, or for any other diagnosis to out a person as being something they are not, that is so they get treated as schizophrenic and gay, so that they turn into, and I refuse to change to accommodate what other people think of me, that’s not self-love, that’s feeling good by someone, and then convincing others to be disgusted by a person, there is nothing disgusting about the human body, but there is something disgusting about a human being who makes other people feel like shit, or less feminine, or masculine, and that’s not me, Im someone who people feel good about, competitive toward, and enjoy making me sick or trying to get under my skin and act like they are treating a condition I don’t have disrespect, it’s the reverse disrespect toward me and misidentification of the issues. Self-love is about appreciating people as they are it doesn’t mean combining spirits or joining forces, its allowing a person to be themselves and to be liked just the way they are, those are the people who get combined with, who feel good and make others feel good. So to misdiagnose someone as pervert, is to wrongfully convict them of being gay, or by bad advice wrongfully infer that a woman who is not gay is deriving pleasure from looking at women, pleasure is about feeling good on the inside, and if women do not like a woman, then no a woman will not bring me pleasure and will make me sick, and that’s the two sided head to the argument of sexuality, that women want to be loved and respected and a man who cannot be loved, does not make a woman feel good, so to declare me gay and to take away my title and privilege as a conservative woman, is to mistreat me as having something that a woman does not want or having something that a man will not respect, and that’s how you punish a woman for a secret created by misjudgment of a person, and when you get things wrong, that’s what causes self-harm. When I get treated as pervert in private and called that that makes me suicidal and that makes me punch my head, because I am a woman, who deserves to be loved by a man, and I don’t deserve to be used or abused to make other women feel good about themselves, that’s a transformation I don’t deserve to undo, loss of my femininity, to please women and to make women feel good about themselves, and to cause men to feel inefficient, and its also wrong to pretend like women feel good off of me and for men to be offended by me, if women are not bothered by me. Being wrongfully accused of feeling good off people is a wrong experiment to do on my face and my body, especially a woman who confesses to liking older man, that’s how I was conditioned to be because in reality that’s who picked me so that’s not my fault, that no one my age picked me, and I was not able to maintain friends with women. Im like every other woman, if a man finds better he leaves, if you get rejected you don’t feel good, if you get raped you lose your head and get dumber, and if you don’t date, then you have no sexuality, and love is about learning to admire again, believe in others, and to not have fears or be affected by what anyone thinks of you, that makes a man feel better.

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