Know how jaggery protects your lungs from increasing pollution


These days pollution is increasing. The level of air pollution has started increasing not only in metropolitan cities like Delhi-Mumbai, but also in smaller cities. The Air Quality Index for most places is moving towards the Poor. This is not a new thing, every year people have to face this problem with increasing winters. Especially in those areas where the industrial area is very close. These also include the areas of Delhi-NCR.

The smoke emanating from the vehicles on it is also increasing the level of air pollution. It is true that we all have to take measures together to stop air pollution. But it is not a matter of a day or two. This requires continuous collective effort. But what to do till then?

We know you are concerned about your health and that of your family. Air pollution is a double whammy for the lungs that have been weakened since Kovid. Not only people battling asthma, bronchitis and respiratory tract infections, normal people are also feeling excess phlegm or mucus these days. But is there no way to avoid this?

No, there is no need to be so disappointed, as the solution to many problems is hidden in our kitchen. We have many such superfoods, which if consumed properly, they not only help in treatment, but also eliminate the possibility of disease before it occurs. One such superfood is jaggery. Want to know how it protects the lungs against pollution? Then click on the link given below –

My mother says, jaggery protects the lungs from damage due to increasing pollution, is it true?

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