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It’s Important to Be Supportive …

The jobs I have taken on in life, have been because I was put together, and maybe that was because I grew up one of the lucky ones, protected by my older brother and his friends, not an option to date, and in college, friends with my neighbors who were guys, and met girls through them, and we formed our own group by senior year. That was how I dated, through friends, and had friends in classes, and friends that I went to school with and played soccer with. If you ever go through isolation socially, that may be a very precarious time to date in life, its often times when we are isolated, that we get treated as different as, someone seeing our worth and then trying to convince us otherwise. With whats going on in the news, this type of treatment is not to be tolerated, as you can see its extremely hurtful to me to endure, and also hurts the promise of other women, who seek to be protected by a unified theory of what it means to be a woman in the United States and respected, sexy or not. There have been so many movies coming to age, that have taught us to love women for who they are, mean or not, and prided ourselves in the opinions that woman hold, and for what they stand for, like seeing Gloria Allred at the Womens March in Beverly Hills, that was a honor to be surrounded by likeminded women, who cherish the strength in others, and don’t wish for anyone to be harmed, no matter what they look like or stand for. Ive never been one to shy away from the treatment of women, having my own experiences, being loved, being used, or being alone, there are all sorts of phases in life, as a woman we have the choice to let ourselves go, to be loving, to protect ourselves form harm, to improve, to get pretty, doll up, embrace our tomboy sides, or be a girly girl and have fun in jest with other women, the going ons and to dos lately of being a woman, there are so many magazine that cherish this ability in all of us, to be loving, and to appreciate one another, for our genders, however we represent that, and for whoever is attracted to us, and finds us to be interesting people, maybe that makes some of us more or less approachable in life. Im writing this to you today, because there was a recent homicide in Hancock Park, and this is a good time to go over what it is to remind us of, and for who is being attacked in representation of what our values are presently, to be beautiful women. Which is why its so hurtful to me, as a representative of the women in my life, with a website, to be treated like I am someone who is devalued, or doesn’t represent some ideal in all women, to be smart, successful, caring, compassionate, loved, attractive, friendly, and open able to get jobs. Its an extremely competitive market these days, so the fact that there are Instagrammers, and Masters Student from Brentwood School being attacked, I am besides myself, that this is happening to women, who we admire, and know, and distantly related to however that may occur, either being online, or having attended schools in connection with those women, or being on Instagram with other bloggers. Its not okay to hurt me, so that I cant speak and represent what it is that we go through as women, and how we can or be harmed by others for what we stand for, if I wasn’t a strong woman with a successful blog, this person would not have talked to me, or have been interested in what my story was or who I was if I was not from Brentwood and grew up around OJ, that is why I am being hurt, and that’s not okay to hurt me, to affect the luck of those around me, spread a dark cloud of disbelief over others, as though things are worse than they are or wrongfully accuse me or carrying myself in private differently than I hold myself out to be in public, that’s not true and that’s a wrongfull accusation. Im allowed to be loving with whoever I want to be loving with in private, and that’s my right to privacy, similarly, Im allowed to struggle in private with mental health issues which are mostly physical not being able to move, depressed, unmotivated, and gaining weight, that’s not for anyone to judge what keeps me going in life, or when I feel motivated, its in doing well and feeling well that you are able, so its not okay to wrongfully accuse me of not doing well in life, if I am interviewing for jobs and getting jobs, and ready to start dating again, and have men interested in dating me, that means that I played my cards right in life, that I am doing right in life, the fact that I am out and about and around others, means that I am not small inside, Im not an introvert, I am proud of myself, and I am being strong. During times of attack its important to be strong, and to be professional, that’s why I report to the police, I report to the FBI, I report to The White House, I report to the Military, this is our culture, and in order for things to go right people very much need to feel well, and to feel safe, other than what we cant control, the weather and fires and that trauma that has caused to others in neighboring cities, or others states, Im sure its not the same for everyone. So don’t forget. Don’t forget to be a nice human being, don’t forget to be courteous, don’t forget to look out for others, don’t forget to promote the right interests, don’t forget to be respectful, don’t forget to have a heart, don’t forget not to attack people because you see them on the wrong teams in life, and don’t forget to be a patriot, and to respect the strength in others, which is acquired in wellness, and strength acquired in wellness, its strength that can be shared with all, and in that there is power to be achieved, its in what you feel capable of that ability occurs, and with ability the right decisions can be made, that’s your proper thinking absent minded concerns or something hurtful being done to you by someone, to cause others to feel hurt by you, based on what they made you out to look like in private, that’s not my doing that’s his doing, and its not okay to hurt me, and watch other people be attacked, as though I don’t represent what it means to be a survivor, and to represent the best interests of those who do feel harmed in life get their strength back, this isn’t a scared straight program, Im not talking to criminals, and this is not to encourage sexuality of all extremes in life, masturbation, or public sex, that’s not what modeling is for, and you will know if someone is appropriate to be intimate with based upon knowing them, and being comfortable with them, that’s not what modeling is for, taking an intimate situation reading which is perceived to be intimacy by a reader who doesn’t like me, to read what is going on in my brain, then to hurt that trust, by portraying me in a negative light by a grose picture, to affect the photographic memory of those in a sensitive space to be exposed to insensitivity which is something to be remembered in a negative light about me, to cause someone with a clear head, to then look at me, and then have an unclear head, and that’s why you should not hurt women, or hurt me, because it hurts others, and now we are presented with the risk inherent in the devaluing of women overall, then where does the power come from, if you are criticizing women for what they look like, then where do you expect the comfort and the safety to come from when you make women feel bad about themselves, why would you empower the wrong minded men to feel empowered by the trashing of a woman, to buffer the esteems of men, when its women, who need support right now, to be strong?


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