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How You Can Be In Trend

Trends mera aaj ka topic hai everyone wants to been called a fashion bee’ being in trends as you can become a trendsetter. trend toh aate hai aur jaate hai par hum mai se aisa koi nahi hai jo khubsurat or attractive dikhna chaahta hai,khubsurati ka Matlab sirf bahar se achcha dikhna is not enough aap andar se Kaise hai aur Kaisa feel karte hai ye sab aap par depend Karta hai. ‘FASHION’ aur ‘TREND’ ka Matlab sirf ye nahi only applying make up trend ka Matlab hai “CONFIDENCE” aur confidence nahi aap kharid sakte hai aur nahi Iska koi tutorial aapko internet pe milega. confidence means just ‘BE YOURSELF’ and ‘LOVE AND EXCEPT YOURSELF THE WAY YOU ARE BE YOUR OWN LIMITED ADDITION’. but I have given some details about how you can be more beautiful aur confident and can be trendy.

  1. DIET- Aajkal to be in the shape we starve ourself Pehle it doesn’t matter whether you are THIN aur CURVY each and every size is beautiful in its own way by you can be in proper shape by eating only ghar ka khaana rather than diet food most important is time pe khaaye khaana aap at least purre din mai at least do teaspoon DESI GHEE zaroor khaaye believe me sirf do teaspoon se fats nahi badta and its good for your bones as well as for your skin drink at least 2 liters of water every day to keep your self hydrated.
  2. EXERCISE- Daily don’t give up on any excuses just take out time for yourself and do yoga, walking, working out at Jim, dancing anything just take 30 minutes for yourself.
  3. TO BE STRESS-FREE- I knew no one can be stress-free these days but try to be; kyu ki agar aap stress-free rahege toh aap ko neend achchi aayaegi. and if you are under stress it’s show on your skin.
  4. LINGERIE- Agar aapke undergarments properly fitted nahi toh aap khud hi uncomfortable feel karegi for that purchases any kind of lingerie shopping go for try and then purchased agar aap lingerie kisi online shopping se maangvati hai toh I think according to me ‘ZIVAMME’ and ‘CLOVIA’ are the best brand and in budgets also.
  5. OUTFIT-Agar aap western pehnti hai toh you have got many options and if you wear WESTERN and in INDIAN outfits both pehnti hai toh proper fitting ka dhyaan rakhe for salwar kameez and you can play around with many designs with Kurti as well as salwar and for sarees, you have got much design for the blouse, Indo-western is very in trends these days.
  6. PROPER ACCESSORIZE- Aap ne kitna bhi achcha outfits pehna ho If you don’t properly accessorize it ya you have over accessorize it dono hi bahut kharaab dikhte hai, and aapka jo overall look hai Bina accessorize ke bhi dull lagta hai over- accessorize ki wajah se loud lagta hai. accessorize main aap earrings, various types of neckpiece, rings,ke saath aap experiment kar sakte hai.
  7. TAKING CARE OF YOUR SKIN- With a proper diet and with proper skin care you can look flawless ye jo aajkal internet mai flawless skin ke liye jo skincare various rollers batate hai seriously un sab se koi bhi farq nahi padta straight away leave to the expert once in a month you have to visit the saloon aur parlor for waxing, threading, facial ……. so that aap achche dikhae.
  8. FOOTWEAR- You have to wear proper footwear with proper outfits isse koi farq nahi padta ki aap humesha heels hi pehne if you’re not comfortable while walking in heels you can go for platforms heels, flats or square heels aur ab toh various types of flats hai yet you can be stylish and comfortable.
  9. PURSE-One important accessorize and needs of every women hum women ke liye our purse is like our second home you can find all your essentials in that one purse and according to your situation, you can experiment with your size and shape of your purse.
  10. MAKE-UP- Being a woman I love doing makeup but on daily basis, I prefer no makeup agar aapki skin achchi hai just apply kajal, eyeliner, mascara, and try various types of lipstick, and you are good to go. makeup are to hides our skin insecurities and applying too much makeup is to hide our own beauty, haa shaadi aur function mai you can go for full makeup but in daily basis applying too much makeup is destroying your own skin really we do not know kis makeup products mai kya aur kitna chemical used hai jisse aging of your skin jaldi badh jaati hai. and for me “NO MAKEUP CAN MAKE YOU LOOK MORE BEAUTIFUL WITH YOUR SMILING FACE”
  11. FRAGRANCE- I think your no look is complete without a good fragrance if you are not smelling good how you can be so confident so please always smell good agar aapne ek achcha outfit pehna hai and if you are not smelling good then everything is waste agar aap bahut sweat karte hai toh aap humesha apne purse mai ek body odor ya koi achche brand ka perfume use kare jiski smell at least 4 to 5 hours lasting ho.
  12. HAIR- Last but not the least aapke healthy or ghaane Baal no matter aap ke Baal short hai ya Lambe it’s your wish but it has to be healthy applying too much color and using too much hair styling products and harmful shampoo can damage your hair very badly and sometimes it is also non-reversible, so please use less hair coloring and styling products and once in every three months you can trim your hair.

Kisi ko impress Karne ke liye ya kisi ko copy kar ke uske jaisa banne ki koshish naa kare aap Bahri shareer ko toh khubsurat aur aakarshan bana sakte hai lekin aap ki andar ki achchai ki khubsurati ko kisi bhi makeover ki zaroorat nahi ‘ DON’T TRY TO COPY ANYONE BE YOURSELF CREATE YOUR OWN STYLE, CHAAHE WOH ACHCHI HO YA BURI HO BE YOUR OWN CREATOR COPING IS VERY OUTDATED AND BORING BE YOUR OWN AND ORIGINAL VERSION’.

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