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How to Create Bold Eyeliner Looks with Eyeshadow

Wet Application


Not a fan of the fallout or blurred appearance of dry eyeshadow as an eyeliner? Blair says that mixing your shadow of choice with a hydrating spray or mixing medium can help create a very intense liner alternative. 

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Hoping for the longest-lasting application? Blair says to opt for a specific mixing medium. “MAC Eyeliner Mixing Medium is a very long wearing clear gel that has been created for exactly this purpose—allowing for artists or makeup enthusiasts to be able to create custom shades of eyeliner,” she says. “Just remember that the more moisture or mixing medium that you use, the more diluted the result will be—this may take a bit of practice, but the results will yield so many fun and colorful options.”

MAC Eyeliner Mixing Medium

Eyeliner Mixing Medium


Step 1: Choose your brush. When working with dampened eyeshadow, you’ll get the best result with a fine-angled brush, Figueroa says. 

Step 2: Dampen your brush. Once you’ve selected your brush, simply spritz it with your hydrating spray or dip it into water if you prefer to take that route. 

Step 3: Pick up eyeshadow. After wetting your brush, Blair says to gently dip it into your shadow. “Be mindful that some shadows will harden in their pot if they become wet—so another great option is to use a disposable mascara wand, spatula, or brush to scrape some of the eyeshadow onto a palette or tissue,” she says. “Then dampen the brush and dip into the (now) loose eyeshadow and apply it to your lash line.”

Step 4: Trace your lash lines. When eyeshadow is damp, it’s less likely to lead to fallout, so Blair and Figueroa agree that swiping it across your lash line is a quick and easy way to apply it. 

“Depending on the formula of the shadow, you can create many different graphic shapes and intensities,” Blair adds, noting that wet shadow offers a lot of room to get creative with your eyeliner looks. 



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