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How to Create a Glossy Makeup Look That Lasts All Day

Top Off With Face Gloss or Vaseline

Byrdie / Ashley Rebecca

As a final step, you can opt to apply a face gloss to really make your makeup pop. You can use a few different products to create a glossy sheen on your skin, from top picks at Sephora to good ol’ trusted Aquaphor and Vaseline. Goldberg notes, “You can get a wet finish from a pressed glitter, or using a thin layer of Vaseline on a bare lid achieves a beautiful glossy eye.”

The key is applying it to the right areas on the face and learning as you go. I absolutely love Kevyn Aucoin’s Glass Glow Face Illuminator in Pixie Dream and have chosen to follow Goldberg’s advice, “Apply gloss to the high points of the face that catch the light, such as the brow bone, center of eyelid, and cheekbones.”

If you want to prevent creasing on the lids, apply the gloss to the brow bone only. Lightly tap the gloss onto your cheeks with your fingers or a brush, slowly adding it as you go until it looks just glossy enough and not greasy.



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