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How does a Cease-Fire Work? …

As a blogger I have always done my part to be a welcomed space, where anyone can read, and most people feel good about me sharing, a quiet acceptance and appreciation for being informed about my life. Everyone’s life is an open a window to ideas and for viewing what reality appears like, and from the standpoint from different people. It’s mostly those with good lives, who upon being around we are made to feel good by. A good example is one that empowers others, and makes people feel smarter and included, it allows for people to think.

A place where people can’t think, is where they would feel judged or threatened, that would be a space that excludes people, or does not allow people to read, that would be limiting the space from which people are allowed or made to feel good. What makes people feel good? I think being apart of, witnessing changes, seeing people get stronger, these are facts about life that put people at ease, and that’s how information that seeks to inform or advise others is best put, when it situates a person to arriving to a better place in life, not be discriminated on the basis for not knowing what is popular or what people are going by.

Success is a one way street upward, why it’s characterized as “lonely at the top,” it’s not that success is lonely, its just that you are expected to create spaces for people to explore and to be welcomed in an atmosphere in which they don’t feel judged, and which they can be stronger by, to not allow for people to get hurt or for guilts to be passed, or for people to be made to look stupid. It helps in the management of self, once people are in tune with what’s trending and why, and from which bases is success arrived to, that’s no secret. Observing success, it’s what makes sporting events exciting, or the Olympics, or game shows, how people think under pressure and who arrives to a place by decisions to a better state than they were minutes before with nothing, a change of fate, this is a great belief to feel inspired by, how someone goes from having nothing, to making something of value, like me.

This is how Kyle Jenner makes a good example of a person from a story, who was able to create a product and managed an identify that people felt apart of and in purchasing her product, inspired others to be successful to, and by what standards. A difficult feat, which is why I can’t block people, even though people cannot respond to me and help me in life and support me in real life. I think is why I’m left alone a lot and punished to see how I respond upon detachment or insult. If you don’t deserve it you wont know what makes people happy, until you change as a person, you wont know what burdens people, or makes them think less of you, worrying what others think or the bases for their attitude toward you. What will make people happy? It is something we all wonder about, excitement, what does it feel like for people to be excited to meet you, everything worth becoming successful for. First you have to allow for it and to deserve to make people happy, that means that you have to be problem less, this is what makes people feel relieved or better, not worried sick or unsure, confidence is everything, and because confidence matters, it functions as a basis for many people’s ability to become successful, it a quality about people we are prided in, who is resilient, mature, reliable, and Im sure that’s the even-tempered demeanor that most people don’t feel threatened by okay by.

I think that most of life that seeks to hurt you without care is a “ghost” treatment that is popular but does not apply to me, its for people who say things wrong and for people who turn people off. I’m a top blogger, therefore I do not have a history of saying weird things or turning people off or making people feel uncomfortable. I am known for being well spoken, fair, effective, and helpful in general. I think that self-harm and hospitalizations are a worrisome fact about me, I can assure you anytime hospitalized was because I felt tired, or unstable, I have lived alone since 2004, so this was new to me, could have been for any number of reasons. I think voices occur by unwanted connections, anytime Ive been robbed or lost property, Im assuming is seeking to take a connection away from me, to make me feel separated from things I feel connected to, to see how I respond, Im sure it’s some desperation trick about OJ’s life.

So what is a ceasefire? It is a “temporary suspension of fighting, typically one during which peace takes place; a truce, [or] an order or signal to stop fighting.” [1] How does mymollydoll function to serve as a basis for ceasefire. As a blogger online I have written continuous for a period of 10 years, non of which was I ever placed in a position to be blamed for gun violence, or made to feel by words or photo responsible for triggering an attack by any of my choices or decisions in life, and all of that changed beginning 2020. This was the first time in my life, as a blogger with a growing popularity on Alexa, upon making a commitment to blogging everyday, that I was made to feel any sense of guilt regarding the surrounding conditions. I think it has very much to do with whether I am treated as addict, insulted, or treated as schizophrenic, those who believe in me don’t see me that way, but there is another side of life, where based on what you talk about, and based on your functionality and energy, you are not helped or medicated properly and disabled. People act on things, so if there is a trending idea of explaining for criminals to act on me or a specific experience of mine that would serve to punish me as a person of conflicted emotions, that you think causes conflict or fast decisions among people who react and respond in ways not to minimize what is wrong but magnify it to others.

Which brings up another issue, whether disability functions as allowing for gun violence to occur. For the first time in 10 years there were a series of mass shootings, while a popular blogger, convinced that I was mentally ill, and the gun violence continued. This is when I had no choice but to be as able as I could be having performed at work well since 2018, the last time I worked full time. So if there is correlation sought to be made, it would be to consider me working as a cause for gun violence. I assure you that to work takes many months of preparation reading and being successful as something on my own, before I am able to perform in another job and do work for someone else. Its not a sudden move, or a state of ability that I awake from, its an opportunity, that you rise to the occasion, and you are either able to stay well and work, or fall sick for any number of reasons, and Im sure it has to do with outside reasons. So why does that matter. Because people want to know why do I get sick when there is a shooting, it is because I support Brady, then why do you help Brady if you get sick, because it doesn’t hurt me to help them, and like all things gone bad, it takes a toll on your physically and mentally to think in spite of whats going wrong, to help make things go right again in life.

There are many issues in life to be faced with not all of them amount to gun violence, and one way to deter offenders from managing the guilt of the people or responding as though they have the authority to scare or punish people, would be to not allow criminals to be any kind of police force, made stronger by the crimes they commit, this is why a strong sense of purpose, and unity of purpose among the people is essential to feeling safe and feeling good about the decisions you make. You are more likely to make a good decision when you are feeling good about something you are doing, than when you are made to feel bad, and most things in life don’t have to be reported such as what you think, and should not cause concern.

What is of concern is when people are made to feel bad for what they think. I assure you that whether you are for or against me, or judge me, or think racist things about me, none of that will affect my weight, my intelligence, my ability to write, be loved, and move on in life and find success, and I think as of recently that is what has made people okay with me. The trivial experiment of making me a dependent and declaring me mentally ill, is to say that everyone feels good about reality except for me, to say that I am not a member to reality, feeling good about my life and around others around me or those treating me. Based on who you are you will have a different perspective hearing of me, meeting me, and deciding how to treat me, in the end only I can protect myself and need no excuses or “forensic psychology” to determine whether I carry “offender-like characteristics” I think I’m smarter, more loving, more caring, I have worked harder, I have achieved more success, and I have kept to myself for 10 years, therefore I have no bothered anyone except for help or support, that’s 2 people I liked.

So what is a ceasefire? Address each type of person or reaction separately. Allow for there to be a communal space for referencing to create content or work off of what is working and to continue to create those feelings in reality that others are made to feel good by. It would be not allowing for a guilt, unhappiness, disempowered feeling to occur in anyone who struggles with their health, to not also be made to feel good by what there is to appreciate and value about life, and how far everyone as come as a society, by intelligence, medicine, products, and services being provided to the Country and the world as a whole, continue to make services equally accessible to all people, so no one feels unhappy by what they don’t have in life, which should not be anyone’s ability to feel well and stay well, even the homeless are entitled to that. A treaty would be one that recognizes what has gone wrong, and doesn’t continue to allow for people to take on sides, that do more of a disservice than their undivided attention should be spent in areas of life that they are capable of investing time and energy to improving so that everyone improves, that’s is a subject worth focusing on. You cannot heal the sick, by focusing on examples of what makes people feel sick, or sick by others, which is why “sexuality” or “pornography” has been publicized as contributing to “gun violence,” which is why ultimately I presented as someone who is good and loved and smart that is my personality, there is not another more masculine disheveled person secret that cannot be seen or unpresentable, I am someone who stands out where I go in life, not someone who gets sick by others, or speaks improperly or embarrassing or asked to leave, that’s a misunderstanding about my story. Sometimes when people hear of things, they think you are a way that you are not in life, they think you are loud, or stand out in an obnoxious way, or in a way, that others are uncomfortable by, that’s to think that you are places in life that you don’t belong, to think that you think you belong places you don’t belong, or at some level intellectually, that you think I am not invited to a space among other people, where intellectually, we feel good by each other, that would be to insult my brain, to say that my brain doesn’t work or disfunctions based on what Im thinking or based on what I see, accuse me of not standing out or having mental illness. I am someone who is to myself, I don’t encroach into the spaces of others, I stay away from others, I don’t talk to others, I don’t text people, and I only call the police for help feedback. I am not someone who has problems or things are poor condition in my life ask for help, I was raised like everyone else, when you don’t feel well stay home, and that’s how I am.

So what’s disappointing are the suicides. Yes this has been a tough year and yes everyone is doing their best and yes no one deserves to feel bad, and no one deserves to feel sick by anything they hear or see, by anyones talent or story, and yes everyone is entitled to speaking to subjects that they can create beauty in spite of, and sometimes not everyone will be made to feel good on the basis of who feels good. I am the type of person when I feel good others feel better and when I don’t feel good, my mental health gets worse, the less space you have to be left alone, is when you are doing well, that doesn’t bother people, it is when you are not doing well, cannot make a good impression, that you get punished or retaliated on, as though a sickness is coming from youre head, that defeats the ability of another person mind to feel good, and that’s a conflict that is difficult to resolve, what people find wrong in their minds, and it can be for any number of reasons, that people feel sick to subjects, that’s not for the imagination to resolve, the causes of sickness, it would be by what examples is a person well, not for what you cant see or don’t know about a person, judge them as being what is sick to see. I think that’s a misunderstanding of what sickness means to another person not sick. Everyone deserves to feel well, suicide is a symptom of things not working out, which is why its important to make things work out in the minds and intelligences of others, its important that people are able to step back and feel good by what is going well, its less important to be caught up in problems, that cause you to lose faith, focusing on what makes you feel good, and instead made to focus on what makes you not feel good, that’s a suicidal mind, cannot find what feels good, is convinced that things are not good, or not working out for them, that should never be anyones option in life, when brushed with a feeling, to respond in a destructive way, this is why its important to do things in life that make you feel good, and hear things that make you feel reinforced, such as everything is going to be okay, or its not your fault, or its not your problem, most people who cannot help themselves in life, will turn to others to know how to help themselves, and that’s a feeling you cant give up on, yourself, no matter what state youre in.


[1] Oxford Languages, definition “cease-fire” Google Search: What is a ceasefire?

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