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How do Angry Voices Talk? …

Based on my experience, angry voices say things that you don’t say and you can hear them and do not know how they are able to talk to your body. They try to listen to you to see if you talk to yourself, which I don’t, and in the event that I am made to shout stop or leave me alone its to make me look like my environment is not hospital to different temperaments, its people pretending to be people I know, and think that I am not aware of hearing who is connected to me, or even as a blogger, that should be a normal experience what is felt after speaking. It is my experience that when I share what’s within.

I may be hurt, tired, and my head may burn due to voices or interactions, but that my words make sense, and do not confuse, or stop a person form thinking, living and thriving. I have no history of complaints regarding my work, only positive feedback, and that’s because I write clear. I think it’s a misunderstanding when a person is no up positive and sound feminine and enthusiastic. It makes people think you are sad or dark on the inside, so what voices seek to do, is to make you feel bad about yourself, and say things to hurt you’re head, to disable your ability to function. Voices thrive on dysfunction, its makes them feel better to get a reaction that reinforces their clarity, this is how people who think things are wrong, or by their hunches or observations are right, when they seek to make a person appear unclear, or upset.

If people don’t believe in you and do not see your beauty, they think your wellness is fake or an act, I think actually acting and singing helped to differentiate what is coming from me, and what dark or scary is not coming from me or my mind or body, or actions or reactions, or bodily movements, not perverted, and not imagined in the eyes and to the minds of my readers, or dirtied outlook made for by my hands which is insulting as a writer, to be called something I am not, dirty minded or handed in life.

So what may be funny about my story, is what is real upon bullying and voices, it causes self-destruction and suicide, its to convince you that your life or reality is broken or dirty or demonized, and that’s ultimately the test, treating you on different meds, attachments, detachments and rejections. Its like people feel entitled to knowing what causes you suicide or sickness, and everyone has a different strategy for determining what you looked like 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, and 2023, everyone wants to know in what combination of events are feelings real, and that’s how you allow for directorship to be taken by someone other than you, who seeks to trigger for issues and cause sickness rather than cure disease, when it is believed that everyone thinks less of you. No things were well when I was doing well, and when I am not well its hard for me to talk to people, and like now, is hard for me to be loving or to try, that must mean that I am in recovery, and like most suicidal people, obviously a trigger for suicide would be made to think about the subject, or for it to be a condition left untreated or caused by a sudden set of things going wrong, no one can cause you suicide by hurting you, hurt is a right entitled to the well who are usually incapable of consoling you or making you feel good, who usually rely on there being something wrong with you, out of a projective worry that you are made sick by whats popular even if you are being made fun of, no that was okay. That was beautiful that was people were working through dilemma and allowing for different feelings to be had about different people. No one is being conned into reading or creating content from a place or subject matter that is geared with guilt or suicide.

Writing is my life force it is what keeps me alive, had I not written and connected with others, I would probably be dead if I continued to isolate and be attacked by voices. Its not a fun experiment, to see who is connected to you, based on what your face and body looks like, voices cause weight gain, depression, headaches, and you feel bullied. Its people who can hear you but you cannot hear them, and they talk to you like you can hear them and if you get hurt, then they feel good.

That’s how anger and darkness works, they hurt you and become warm to subjects once they can be heard through you, because they believe that everyone will think like them and not like you and want to see how you look or respond when people don’t like you, and people who want your attention want you to admire them or stare at them, while telling you that you are sick on the inside, and act like they are nursing a pervert, and that’s how women become done with women who they find disgusting or think that they have to allow for anything weird or gay because they think that’s being nice to you. No that’s not being nice to you. I’m not a person controlled by people, neither by voice, or by looking or sexuality or body, that’s a condition, when you know of someone, and you feel good and smart that you think you know more about the world, and think that Im small minded, those are people who tell you not to believe your fears or voices, they don’t understand the causes and they don’t believe that it’s a possible condition caused to a person.

What are mean voices that cause suicide, voices that tell you “your pussy is not good anymore,” “no one wants your pussy” (2015) “hitler’s revenge” (2015) and “derilic” (2017) and “pervert” (2020). Voices are people who treat you like an animal, they go through all your work and then try to prosecute you and see if you hit your head and commit suicide. Its to reinforce what they think, that you are working in private, in a not presentable way, or on a big idea that is not real or effective writing and think that you writing or working at home is “schizophrenia.”

So at what point is fear caused, when people think that its okay for them to study you and think less of you, and chit chat ways in which things are your fault, and then feel scared like you are going to confront them, why they convince you that youre stupid and schizophrenic, once they have had enough and able to figure you out, that’s when people are done with me, when they are interested in helping me, then think they are smarter than me, then try to convince everyone that Im stupid, that’s how strength and character assassinations work, people realize a state of being that is not affected or sided and feel good in their own skin protected, and at the expense of the person who is being interpreted, who are constantly seeking to create conditions of suicide, which by my experience would be online bullying, fighting, and breakups, that would be my experience (2009) which if it weren’t real, why it was sought to be caused again, to see if I get sick or commit suicide, when I get dumped or rejected, and you know I wouldn’t give any woman the satisfaction of making look stupid, or get upset, or be treated as bully, or mentally ill for the sake of her sense of peace, I deserve peace and love, and Todd cannot be replaced, he has one life, one job, and one family, who cannot tolerate being used to fight me, is not a proper use of a character or a subject to make things better, and while you may think that the Bruno Mars song is making fun of me, the Pope’s funeral sang and said “Los Angeles” and “No” in response to who started the smoking kettle trend, it was them moving with smoke, at an event in which someone whos head was covered in tumors was kissed, and I got paranoid. That’s crowd communications, which is important, when sports lose energy, whos fault is that not the crowd, when the athletes don’t light up and experience bad luck, its psychology!

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