Health alert : Medical experts warns the nation India can become the capital of diabetes worldwide


Medical experts have warned that India could become the diabetes capital of the world if not taken care of at the right time as recent research indicates that corona virus Due to this there has been an increase in the cases of diabetes.

Doctors say that many patients suffering from Kovid-19 who have come to the hospital for treatment, have also been found to be seriously suffering from diabetes as this epidemic is triggered by stress.

The study said that due to the use of ‘steroids’ in the treatment of corona, there has been a definite increase in the number of diabetics. Along with this, irregular lifestyle has also played an important role in increasing the cases of diabetes. The corona virus uses the ACE2 receptors of beta cells present in the pancreas to take them under its control, due to which the amount of sugar increases in the body due to not producing the hormones that control diabetes completely.

At present, 422 million people worldwide are suffering from diabetes, out of which 77 million people affected by diabetes are in India alone. Diabetes is a non-communicable disease, which has been going on for a long time. According to an estimate, 76 percent of the Indian population may be affected by it by 2045 and if this happens, India will become the diabetes capital of the world.
This year the theme of World Diabetes Month 2021 is Access to Diabetes Treatment and India is expected to become the world capital in making diabetes care facilities accessible to the masses. The year 2021 is also special regarding diabetes because this disease was detected exactly a hundred years ago.

Suparna Sengupta, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Narayan Memorial Hospital said, “We initially focused on BSA1C and other related diseases. lockdown effect of . It can be aggravated due to inactive lifestyle, lack of exercise, improper diet and mental stress.

Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya, MD, DNB, MMAMS, DM, MRCP said, “Insulin has become available for the treatment of diabetes. It is changing the lives of people living with diabetes. People are being saved by taking long treatment.

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