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Haus Labs’ Eye-Lie-Ner Upgraded My Winged Liner Look

We put the Haus Labs Eye-Lie-Ner to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

If there is one celebrity I trust when it comes to makeup, it has to be Lady Gaga. She has had some of the most iconic looks in the history of makeup, sporting jewel-encrusted makeup long before the Euphoria teens came along. Suffice to say, my expectations were high when I heard that she launched her own makeup line, Haus Laboratories.

I was assuming the collection would be targeted for those looking to do more dramatic makeup looks given Gaga’s previous extravagant makeup moments, but I was surprised to find that this line is suitable for both seasoned pros and beginners. So, in the spirit of Lady Gaga, I decided to go a bit outside my comfort zone and test a product that I don’t usually gravitate toward: liquid eyeliner. This also happens to be one of the brand’s best-selling products at the moment, so I was excited to see what all the hype was about. Read on to find out if this product lives up to its popularity.

Haus Labs Eye-Lin-Ner

Best for: Precise eyeliner looks  

Uses: Liquid and graphic eyeliner

Byrdie Clean?: No; contains PEG compounds 

Potential allergens: BLACK 2 (CL 77266/[NANO])

Price: $20

About the brand: Haus Laboratories was developed by Lady Gaga in 2019. The brand focuses on creating cosmetics that promote creativity and individualism. 

About My Skin: Sensitive

Despite my love and admiration for makeup, I generally stick to a basic everyday makeup look, and I only experiment with fun looks for a night out. I have sensitive skin, so I have to be a bit careful about the makeup I use, but I love testing out new brands.

As far as eye products go, I usually do an eyeshadow look and mascara. I used to be an avid liquid eyeliner user—I mean, I would wear it almost every day, but recently I haven’t used it as much. I would love to start incorporating it back into my routine.

How It Applies: With ease

My favorite thing about this eyeliner is that it has a flexible brush, making it perfect for any type of eyeliner look you might want to create. Since I haven’t worn liquid eyeliner in a while, my skills were a bit rusty, and I hoped for a seamless application. Thankfully, that’s exactly what I got. The eyeliner is very pigmented, so there is no need to go over your line several times to get your desired look. It also goes on smoothly without tugging at the skin. The eyeliner doesn’t dry instantly so there is a brief moment to fix any errors, but it dries pretty quickly so you will have to work fast.

The Results: Wings that won’t budge

Melony Forcier / Byrdie

I hoped to test this eyeliner during a night out so I could see how it held up but unfortunately wasn’t possible. I did try my best to recreate a night out in the comfort of my room to see how it performed. I splashed my face with water—to emulate sweat, naturally—and rubbed my eyes, which is what I do about an hour after leaving my house because I usually already want to go to bed. After this little simulation, I noticed that the eyeliner didn’t budge a bit.

My only gripe with this product is that it’s water-resistant, not waterproof. While the eyeliner didn’t come off with a little splash of water, it came off easily when washing my face with warm water.

The Value: Worth it

When it comes to beauty products I am willing to splurge, but that means the quality of the product needs to justify the price. While this liquid eyeliner falls mid-range in pricing, I still wanted to make sure that the price matched the quality of the product. That being said, this liquid eyeliner is definitely worthy of its $20 price tag. Honestly, if they charged more for the product, I would still buy it because it’s just that good. Also, since the formula is highly pigmented, you won’t need to go over your liner several times, meaning it will most likely last a while.

Similar Products: You have options 

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner: Stila’s felt tip Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner ($23) has been my go-to ever since high school. It’s easy to use, lasts all day, and comes in a variety of colors if you’re looking to branch outside the typical jet-black hue. 

Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner: For a budget-friendly and reliable option, Maybelline’s Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner ($8) is a great option. It’s waterproof, smudge-proof, and easy to use. What more could you want in an eyeliner? 

Final Verdict

No matter if you’re a makeup newbie or a professional, you’re sure to fall in love with this liquid eyeliner. Not only is it smudge-proof, but the flexible tip and pigmented formula will help you create “Paparazzi” ready looks.



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