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Good Job this Year Guys & Dolls …

We are headed toward the end of 2022, and there’s so much to be thankful for not to be short sighted by our losses, however shocking moments have been. Some of us are still here, and we should be that much more proud and adequately assembled in life to appreciate being here with the lives we have been given to live. There is no stopping a group of determined people who seek to make their lives and the lives of others better, sometimes demanding for some of us to be heroes in life, even if you’re standing on the outskirts to a problem the fact of simply caring is the best kind of support you can give any issue in life.

For example I think it was wrong to be investigative of how I was bullied exposed and to treat me as though I should feel guilty or have done something wrong modeling to wrongfully accuse me of being viewed online as offensive to say that me being uncomfortable means that I’ve done something wrong to blame me for a Chinese shooter from Las Vegas attacking a church in Laguna Woods and not expect me personally to feel offended and does not entitle others to punish me or to use me as a reference for losses compare me to a Chinese Shooter and compare the death of my Father as some mafia compensation for a shooting in Laguna Woods is inappropriate to investigate me and wrongfully accuse me of being criminal or mentally ill online. If I was mentally ill I would not be able to write and make sense and maintain my innocence on my own without doctors or legal representation before the US Supreme Court. So in lieu of people not being sure whether provocative pictures of me are the reason for a shooting in Laguna Woods will share photos. I think Justin Simpson was brave for defending me and my family and attending my Fathers funeral with that recently in the news. Therefore as solution will share photos myself so that it’s not about me taking photos and them being shared without my permission to any group in secret private or public so it’s clear from what influences in life is faith being lost and why. And to account for the suffering endured because I’m online because of a shooter in Laguna Woods since I’m a law student to wrongfully direct negative attentions toward me as though I’m doing something wrong being online and blogging about life and encouraging or teaching others how to speak for themselves or blog.

There are so many things we are told not to care for mostly things toxic to our health, which is the hesitancy in approaching the subject of mental health with grace, we’ve been too hard on people who struggle viewing it as a subjective problem without taking responsibility for what we think as an audience to an issue. In the worst case we don’t do anything and watch life happen, IMDb would never let us be quiet bystanders in life, they even let me contribute my own analysis or mental health dilemmas faced thinking wise about life and how to help others, it’s an open economy open to new ideas, open to all inputs, open to new solutions, open to variations in diagnoses, I think that’s what I have to give to my audience having been through it myself, not knowing what’s wrong or not feeling well and not knowing why, never to be intimidated by the process in trying to get well and figuring out what’s wrong. It’s never too late to get help.

So what aspects of our lives can we control. We can learn to go with the flow, play it by ear, be spontaneous, be loving, unconditional, less litigious, and more accepting of variations of support provided including support provided through me and my writing. I may not be a doctor or an attorney but that doesn’t make me any less equipped to help myself and help others who may be similarly situated in life to not know how to help others. Sometimes it’s easier to identify issues reading from someone than it is to reach a conclusion on your own based on circumstances.

People are quick to deal with others in shorter periods of time than the time it takes for a person to work on themselves, so knowing that don’t be alarmed by how many people are unaffected by you or don’t seem to mind or care for whatever your going through most people judge based on how they feel or what they would do or say in your shoes and your shoes would not exist had you not wrote and introduced yourself to others for interpretation therefore worry less what others think, and focus more on what you have to say upon presenting yourself to the world people will judge you based on what you have to say and what you look like it will matter less what people think or say about you once they are proven wrong and you are no longer treated as a forced admission not permitted to live life as a normal person and declared mentally ill.

There are people who are in a far worse condition than me in life therefore our medical treatments should not be the same since I work everyday and manage a blog and a popular identity. I guess that was never something considered treated as a secret subject. I am not secret my words and content are concrete and permanent online and that’s who I am and where I’m at mentally and what I went through as an individual and a writer.

There are no easy explanations for what you endure when you need help and no one can help you and now is different, I’m stronger, I’m older, Im more resilient, I’m more successful, I’m more loved, I’m confident, and I know that whenever I face insecurity in life just means that it’s not a match, this person doesn’t believe in me and I’m faced with someone who is more concerned about them improving from knowing me without telling me they improved off meeting me and reading from my perspective in life.

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The post Good Job this Year Guys & Dolls … first appeared on mymollydoll.

The post Good Job this Year Guys & Dolls … appeared first on mymollydoll.



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