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FBI DC, end of story …

NOTICE: At risk of harm <now I’m in pain> therefore a reader will <not feel good by me> because I don’t feel good. How you hurt an author to explain for sickness in others. This is when my shoes are made to hurt <to defend myself against getting voices calling me derilic and pervert> so I’m not mistreated as schizophrenic making fun of my road to becoming a public speaker wrongfully accuse me of being sick mentally I’ll or inappropriate toward others, therefore don’t cause me suicide to explain for a suicide. Yes it’s important to discuss voices enabled by disabling me so I get tortured by voices I can’t reverse to let me get beat up on meds that make me stupid unable to write to wrongfully accuse me of not making sense not let me defend myself against being called pervert > to wrongfully accuse me sex on Tinder > with an acceptance past > to wrongfully accuse me of reacting to being called pervert and having sex to wrongfully accuse me of being gay and called pervert when it was called pervert then I practiced gay by porn and voices stopped so when I stopped practicing gay and lost 60 lbs all of a sudden I’m called pervert because they’re accusing me of not helping women by being gay or going to meetings to support gay women or wrongfully accuse me or misunderstanding the term pervert to mean gay. Whatever the reason the term is hurtful and causes me suicide so therefore I will not make the end of road change to be gay and will not date so there is no confusion over who’s controlling me or who’s driving my reactions: FBI DC. End of story.

FBI DC, end of story … (re): getting voices calling me “pervert” then diagnosed as schizophenic and not treated for voices self harm and feeling suicide made to suffer more and get bullied. Then treated as pervert to be called pervert in real life to cause me suicide self harm to wrongfully accuse me of either being gay or not gay or genetically detoxifying wrongfully accuse me of liking younger wrongfully accuse me of matching older as though I preach or teach people to not belong per age group which is a defect to my character I don’t match age wise not a conditionally or inherited trait. I match with most people and not gay by most women to myself and not included I don’t get thrown under the wings of women most feel better than me.

Example > CURRENT FACT: I drank a small bottle of Prosecco and 1 beer last night = Relapse = I’ve done something wrong because I go to AA to make me not belong aka “dirty chip” to not admit a relapse drinking if you are not supposed to drink because you got in trouble = Will not feel good about me when something secret or wrong was done by me in private “drink” when I was sober for years to say I don’t feel good because I did something wrong to explain for people feeling like something is wrong then to know what I did wrong makes them feel better that they’re okay.

Why I stopped modeling which is a short cut to acceptance to see a person right now I think it’s not important to stop voices by seeing me to disprove pervert or not and not model or audition until I feel well and battle the term pervert as applied to me online until I stop hearing voices to cause voices is to wrongfully treat me as body to transfer I’ll feelings too to make people feel better once I’ve inherited a feeling by words reminded of to wrongfully experiment as yo whether people feel good or better with me around and for that not to be certain will attend Shorty Awards to demonstrate that I am not strong anywhere!

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