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Discussion of Negativity & Voices …

I know it’s not a fun discussion especially unnecessary by the standards of all who like me appreciated when everyone was at ease and things were not too tightly wound up or connected going by one another, I think strength has best been exhibited in that way by choice either you wonder or waste time on negatives not appreciating the wellness of others more deserving of your time and attention it will seem like that in the broad spectrum of what to appreciate highly identifiable on those at peace who are doing well, with a sense of closure that the worst is behind us, that’s also a good sign of people who have been through a lot quick to not be made to go through things again maybe with age and life experience you learn to not get stuck in bad feelings or any state of depression. Was talking with a friend and new boss today about having a new problem of talking about voices and convincing myself to feel bad and how that doesn’t help and can make things worse, I do recognize when I’m doing well I’m not attacked and people are more at peace so not question that system and also not bring up depression cards and misdescribe what a good day is about not reminded of how things were among or one among others … I think the feeling hurts no matter whether you’re at the top of your game or rock bottom with experience or not enough experience … when things are good, in the AFTERMATH is when you take it easy so it’s not that things are not exciting or everyone should be affected but I think it was smart of me to describe why it’s improper to think that way of me treat me like I caused bad jokes to happen or misuse use me as a symbol to make sense of bad people, psychology wise, I don’t think it helps to be given a diagnosis in life to cast me out to be the one who speaks broken or head hurts or doesn’t have energy tired, who cares what was done to me why did I have to change for what reason.

I think acting is a good job, I mentioned, because it allows me to be someone else that I’m not allowed to be in real life (rephrased by my new friend boss) or don’t have life experiences in life that allow me to be that type of person … so for me it’s a better representation of who I am not being made to talk about voices or negative voices or what’s wrong with me … I think if you spend enough time focusing on the negatives you’re bound to convince yourself that you’re not able to do a lot of things in life and no one can convince you that you are able not even having a legal education can prove to others you’re not too far gone or incapable of being a professional adult and representing others well. It’s not a big deal if you get through it but it hurts when things are done to you and you don’t know why and because I recovered means that it made sense in private and public otherwise I would be attacked or not allowed to be online and reported by anyone who gave up on me and felt like I was causing problems or not putting the work in to solve problems in the event that they occur.

One lesson we learned from FEMA Idea Scale in braver times when we were less coordinated and couldn’t tell how everyone was doing … is that you can share an idea officially and to create a starting point is sometimes more helpful than requiring everyone to accept you and everything about you and focus on what they can do not waste time thinking about you.

Thinking is one of the most exciting things about life it’s what creates natural positive energy it’s when you’re proud of who’s well around you enthusiastic about peoples progress and we all hope that no is left exploring life through blogging and for it to look like anything produced by meds (practicing social skills is an awesome experience, Twitter). Meds don’t do the work you do. And same with blogs if it doesn’t feel right you can’t make things right until you say something right that’s the lesson in talking about problems negatives or voices it’s probably interesting to hear about but not necessary for anyone to worry or believe could happen to them or try to prevent a problem happening to you which at your expense convinces others that you’re worse off than you are or don’t make sense.

Those at peace are protected by not having to go through mental illness or hospital to explain for feeling tired or burnt out … it won’t matter what you’re like or what you look like until people assume you as you are now is any more difficult than anything past which was nothing compared to now. To show that if only we are aware of the potential to experience mental health issues … that’s just where you get sent in life and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I’m sorry I was hospitalized so much and sent to treatments I have changes my life to make less mistakes and stay out of trouble and not integrate people into my life to be judged by or assumed hurt by in life, and just move forward it’s not worth sharing my story because everything has been taken care of by who’s up top FBI so it would just sound schizophrenic to make a big deal of things now and it’s not fair to blame me for any similar incidences occurring to anyone I don’t attract bullying, I’m strong everywhere I go in life not bothered I think it’s when you’re health changes animation spirit positive or gentle by dress demeanor job etc that by how you look is judged as trash that’s just how stable people are they are judging your energy presence demeanor look face body type weight and think you’re annoying or too strong. How I went from a runner less than 10 min miles to a power walker with no bounce.

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