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If I could write a letter to the shooters, this is what I would say. No matter what you are going through, no matter what the circumstances may be, there is no excuse for taking action upon others to address what is going wrong for you in your life. All lives can be corrected, bettered, and all problems can be solved, what cannot be solved, is taking the life of another, that’s permanent, and to hurt others amidst contemplating your own life, there is not recipe toward solution to take the life of another, or excuse for taking your own life, in the commission of taking the life of another as a direct result of your use of weapons to take lives, that needs no excuse or justification for doing so, and is wrong to do on all merits. 

Think of all those who suffer from mental health issues and suicide, who are not here with us today, or who are not strong enough to speak for themselves, it’s usually not the weak who are able to vocalize what a mental health issue feels like or sounds like, and if you are so certain that you are the only one who thinks that way, and if you are the only person who believes in yourself and cannot make the rest of your life go right, then think again, maybe you haven’t lived life long enough to contemplate how life happens, or what happens to you in life, to know or dictate when a life should end or for whatever reasons you make up to justify taking action upon beliefs that do society a disservice, and cause everyone to start life over again, to accommodate the pains and the ruin that you so decidedly take away from the peace of others. 

There is nothing certain about life, that life is supposed to feel a certain way in order to be considered normal, or for things to go right for you in life. There is nothing that can be experienced in life that meds or therapy or treatment can’t fix, and there is no amount of anger that cant be extinguished with a better perspective. Hate and anger are the two emotions that fuel an uncertain level of clarity, it’s the top of some defiant state that cannot be related to, and to which you grow discomfort from, its going by things in life that not all agree or empathize with, its becoming something scary in light of the better person you could choose to be as result of any reasons you find to condition yourselves to react and respond to life in that way. That’s not the correct response to any awakening, or falling short of an ideal become frustrated with, if you cannot control yourself, don’t seek to control others, and especially not by your actions seek to control end results, or create causes for attack upon groups or people in society who you use to justify having beliefs toward people in life, see yourself as above others, or thinking beyond where others are capable of thinking. You are never the smartest or the wisest decision maker of which lives should live, that’s not your job to decide which lives to take, and which lives to make suffer by your inability to cope in a humane way, adjust to life. 

Empower yourselves through education, and belonging. Empower yourselves through understanding humanity, and with appreciation for how things are and what has come to be. Empower yourselves in having a better life than the lives of those you have studied, and the ability to have a better life in spite of what you come to learn or hear about life from others. Empower yourselves to be different than those who chose to use guns to commit cruelties to society and to take lives from the innocent. Empower yourself to be strong without the necessity to disempower society through acts in defiance to what society has given you without expectation for reward or credit. Society is what functions to accommodate everyone, this is why you are able, why you can see things clearly, and why you are able to be strong and make choices in life, if not for society, you would have not been taught and exposed to things in life that make you feel good, feel apart of, or understand what is key or essential to a well functioning society. There is not better teacher of success other than who takes care of you in life, it’s worth representing people without causing pain to them, and to all those who welcomed your presence around them, that’s not how to view life, as for destruction. 

What is a negative voice? As someone who has been treated on schizophrenic medications I can tell you one thing, voices are a product of what people think of you, how you feel, what you feel like presently, what you feel like watched, what people know about you, how you look and appear overall, what can affect your mood, what can affect your thinking, and what can affect how you react and respond to life as you see it, either with clarity or with assumption of there being something wrong in others, as exhibited in yourself, not mistaken as being held within others an energy carried to create a condition within you. That’s what life is about, you are the voices that you carry in life. Some live peaceably, and some live in chaos, and depending on what type of life you lead, this will lead you to different conditions of the mind spiritually, mentally, and physically. I’m not a man so I would not know what an offender who is below the age of 18 is going through in life, to know why one would pick up a gun and respond in that way, but I assure you that that is never the correct response to confronting your reality, which is created by you, it’s an internalized state, which you view through, and that is what your reality becomes, all people and people in your life, are all apart of individual systems of people living life who have been able to regulate their internal states to accommodate the external states of others, and not interfere with the internal states of others, carrying thoughts that don’t conflict with the emotions of others or cause distress to any one type of person, that’s life, you learn to get along and to be around people of all walks of life, because that’s your job as a human being to accommodate others, to figure out your own states of being, and to improve the quality of your life, to have a life of your own one day, and to maintain a good life given to you, privilege. Don’t isolate yourselves becoming bigger than anyone but yourselves in life, and don’t seek to become apart of something bigger than you are contributing to acts of terror against humanity to fulfill any stated or unstated purpose in life. 

There is no act that will bring you closer to what it means to be a human being, other than to overcome a difficulty on your own without affecting others, that’s the first step toward becoming a stronger person. Hurting lives does not make you strong, taking a life does not make you strong, committing an act because its trending, does not make you in tune with everyone else’s terror and horror in the face of those who use guns to cause fear in people’s eyes and to their lives. What cannot be fulfilled in feeling, is something to figure out on your own by living life, to its fullest, not complaining about how life is based on something that someone has says past to convince you that life or reality is constructed in a way prejudice to your sense of being genetic makeup or identity in life, there is a way to live up to your ideals, without trying to deconstruct what it means for everyone else to feel good, that’s not your job, to dictate how an entire Country should feel, or how an entire race should feel or be treated in life, that’s not what makes you the stronger of the two. Living life also includes being well, and staying strong for those around you, it’s not about becoming stronger than, or more solid than others to stand out, or predominate any area or public arena, seem stronger than, that’s a gift in life if you feel stronger, or more solid in others, that doesn’t mean that’s permission to take that feeling out on others, whether created by meds, or reading from any racist reading material that teaches you to respond in that way toward anyone, including toward others from your own life. If you understand life then why would you attack people of your own kind, and people with who you share an environment with, all those people are staying well, in order to create space for people to grow and develop and be strong one day. In adulthood, it then becomes an issue of what you look like sound like, strength, and intelligence, until then, no one cares what you look like, or sound like, or how big or small you are on the inside, those are not things that children should worry about, how weak others appear, or react to changed conditions or states of minds among people in the environment, or themselves, react in hate. 

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