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Contact Form – Submit Requests

If you have any questions for me or would like to know more about my story or where on my website you can find my book drafts, please contact me and will send you a link.

Email: (To Submit a Request or Topic) (To Complain or Get a Free Paper of Your Choice)

I can respond within a weeks time. Thank you for reaching out to me, or can submit referral if you need help finding a hotline.

If you have a question and would like a response, I am willing to write and respond in a one page essay on a question of your choice, that I can research on Google, submit within a week.

If you have a complaint, or if there is a writing that you do not like, and do not wish to explain to me why, you can always contact me and request that a post be removed, without explanation.

If you have a formal complaint and do not agree with something that I have said, and if there is a legal issue or a medical issue, first please discontinue reading, and secondly you can call the police and figure out how to file a complaint with them, if you do not like my website.

If you would like to talk to someone about me, please do not contact my Mom, she is too busy taking care of her Grandchildren, I cannot afford for her to get sick by anyone’s complaint. 

If you have a problem with me you can call the police, the police know where I live, or you can call the OCDA, they know where I live, and you can complain to them, what you do not like about me, what you do not like about my content, or what you think is wrong with me and explain to them how my writing or my condition is affecting you, why you don’t like my blog.

No one is required to read my blog, there are many blogs to read, I take my work seriously, that doesn’t mean that my work is important, or crucial, or deadline too tight, that it changes circumstances in a life or death way, I handled the majority of my problems and unhappiness expressed toward me in private, and those complaints tend to combine toward me, which I understand that if one person does not like me, the next person becomes that person, and the they join forces to complain or make facts about you, to illustrate their complaint of you, in that case you can always collect signatures and create a petition and then figure out how to submit a formal complaint to the police or to a court house to get a blog post removed or taken down.

I am not available for one-on-one life coaching because I have disability, internally I have a lot of work to do on my own to work and be paid and need to focus on my career, everyone is important to me that is why I share online in public, so that no one feels obligated to help me and so that no situation is created in which I speak privately and anything is taken the wrong way, or misspeak and judged as mentally ill or thinks wrong, cause discomfort, this is why I do not wish to talk to people in private, as that makes me vulnerable to lose power in life. 

Update on my Personal Care Plan: If I need help I can hire a new psychiatrist for an Abilify shot and get a new therapist, since those relationships have been ruined due to missed appointments. I do not call my Attorney for any advice, I am allowed to blog, I am allowed to work, and I am allowed to date, I have already asked the court this following one lawsuit, whether I can talk to people again, and know who not to talk to, no one in common to who sued me, so I have to connect all new and online. I talk to friends on a temporary basis when I have time and when my condition is well otherwise I do not talk to anyone when I am not well and it is hard for me to talk to others when I’m not okay or when I’m tired, I also have difficulty talking in therapy, everything is focused on disability or what getting voices are like?


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