beauty tips:using these three things in your homemade face scrub can damage your skin


Homemade Face Scrub Tips: Face scrub has a big hand in maintaining the beauty of the face. Along with deep cleansing of the face, face scrub also works to remove dead skin cells from the skin. Face scrubs available in the market can harm your skin. In such a situation, people nowadays prefer to use homemade scrubs. Homemade scrubs being natural do not harm the face in any way. But as you also know that the skin of the face is very sensitive compared to the rest of the body, so do not make the mistake of using the ingredients of the body scrub while making the face scrub. Let us know which are those 3 things, which should not be used while making face scrub.

Using sugar while making face scrub can spoil your skin. Sugar granules have sharp edges. Which can be quite harsh on your skin. Also, using sugar in a face scrub can cause dryness, burning, redness, and sores in the skin.

Lemon is acidic in nature. Direct use of sugar and lemon on the skin as a scrub can prove to be very harmful. Lemon is one of the most harsh natural ingredients. It strips the natural oil from your face and makes your skin extremely sensitive.

coffee grounds-
Nowadays people make a lot of use of coffee grounds while making homemade scrubs. You can use this scrub on your body, but avoid using it on the face. In fact, coarse grains of coffee grounds can cause hyperpigmentation by damaging the top layer of your facial skin.


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