Beauty Tips: Malaika Arora shares the secret of her healthy looking radiant skin


Malaika Arora Beauty Secrets: Malaika Arora remains in a lot of discussions among her fans due to her toned body and glowing skin. The special thing is that Malaika, who is very active on social media, does not limit her beauty secrets only to herself, she also keeps sharing health and beauty tips with her fans from time to time. Recently, by sharing a video on social media, Malaika told the fans how they can easily fulfill their dream of getting glowing skin by doing just 3 poses daily in summer. Let us know what are these 3 poses.

1) Sarvangasana-Shoulder Stand Pose
By doing Sarvangasana, there is a better flow of blood and oxygen in the brain. Due to which the problem of hair loss and mental stress is also reduced to a great extent. By doing this asana, the complexion of the skin also starts improving. This anti-aging and anti-wrinkle asana also strengthens one’s shoulders and back.

2) Halasana (Plow Pose)-
By doing Halasana, the person’s mind remains calm and digestion is also good. The special thing is that it also helps in maintaining the health of your skin.

3) Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)-
Doing Trikonasana helps a person to remove excess fat and obesity from the stomach. The special thing is that on regular practice of this asana, along with good skin, the arms, legs and thighs of the person are also toned.


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