beauty tips: eating daily these spices can give you fair glowing skin within 7 days tips to get fair glowing skin in hindi


Beauty Tips: The spices present in the kitchen not only enhance the taste of food but can also add beauty to your skin. Everyone has a desire to look beautiful, so how can it be if your wish is fulfilled without going to the parlor or spending money on expensive beauty products. Yes it is indeed possible. You know that some spices also help in enhancing your beauty. Let’s know how to use them.

Cumin removes wrinkles-
The anti-oxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals present in cumin keep the skin healthy. Also, the anti-aging properties present in cumin make it beautiful and glowing by preventing premature wrinkles in the skin.

Remove tanning with cinnamon-
Along with enhancing the taste of food, consuming cinnamon makes the blood flow fine and clean in the body. The anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins present in it help in removing tanning by enhancing your beauty. For this, mix a small banana, 2 teaspoon curd, 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder and the juice of half a lemon and mix it well. Apply a thin layer of this pack on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash off with cold water.

Acne runs away from black pepper-
Black pepper helps in cleaning the dirt and grime from the face by drawing out the toxic elements from the skin. A face pack made of honey and black pepper helps to get rid of the problem of acne. To make it, make a face pack by mixing a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of black pepper powder. Apply again on the face and leave it to dry for half an hour. Then wash it off with water.


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