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7 Best Resistance Bands For Your Glutes In 2023 + Trainer Tips

While it’s true that resistance is resistance, whether you’re using bands or body weight or dumbbells to rock those glutes, there’s a subtle distinction that sets resistance bands apart.

“Resistance bands allow for constant activation in the glutes, which can help build muscular strength and enhance form,” explains Maeve McEwen, CPT, a lead trainer at P.volve. “Resistance band exercises and weights are a great combination if your goal is building your glutes.”

It’s the constant activation that’s unique. “Resistance bands keep more constant tension on the muscles throughout the whole movement of an exercise compared to dumbbells,” says Luke Zocchi, head trainer at Centr. “That creates the micro-tears you need to repair and build your muscles.”

“Exercises with load have a primary purpose of building muscle, but adding bands is a great way to support muscle growth through tone and strength,” explains Mike Curry, ACE CPT and founder of StrongBoard Balance. He likes incorporating bands toward the end of a workout to really fatigue specific muscle groups like the glutes.

Research confirms what these trainers are saying: Resistance band training builds strength1 as effectively as free weights.

Another benefit to the band? “Resistance bands have a lower impact on your body than weights and you typically have a bit more control,” says Zocchi. That means you can really dial in the workout to activate all the muscles in the glutes, and you’ll engage various stabilizing muscles in the process. Plus, they’re super portable and easier to take on the go than your favorite dumbbell set.



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