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111Skin Is a Luxury Brand That’s Worth the Money—Here’s the Proof

It’s not every day that skincare is formulated by a plastic surgeon to prevent and help treat concerns that traditionally require a clinical intervention. 111SKIN was designed to create no-filter confidence in everyone from regular people to supermodels—and it delivers.

My first impression of 111SKIN came from their incredibly popular concentrates. Looking to prevent fine lines, The Firming Concentrate from 111SKIN came highly recommended from friends and experts. The visible results were dramatic, and I couldn’t wait to try more.


Founded: Yannis Alexandrides, MD, and Eva Alexandrides, 2010

Based In: London, UK

Pricing: $$$

Best Known For:  Their Instagram-famous sheet masks and clinical-strength results

Most Popular Product: Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask, Y Theorem Repair Serum NAC Y2

Fun Fact: The healing complex NAC Y²™ found in 111SKIN products was formulated with the help of aerospace scientists as astronauts’ skin weather extremely harsh conditions.

Other Brands You’ll Love:  La Prairie, Augustinus Bader, La Mer

Named after the street address of his London clinic, Yannis Alexandrides, MD, explains that 111SKIN was the byproduct of his experience as a plastic surgeon. After 20 years in practice he wanted to accelerate the healing process of patients’ skin following surgical and non-surgical treatments. “I wasn’t satisfied with what was available to surgeons at the time, so I set about finding more effective healing solutions,” he explains. “I got to meet two scientists who were involved in a European space program and oversaw the wellness of astronauts, creating food and supplements for them to consume in space.”

In space, the skin is exposed to intense cosmic radiation—without the filtering effect of the atmosphere that we have on earth—making it a harsh environment for skin aging. “These scientists had a wealth of knowledge about how to prevent skin aging in the most extreme environments. So, I decided to collaborate with them to create a brand new and proprietary formula—the healing complex NAC Y2™, says Alexandrides. “It proved so effective that my patients were seeking out the products for everyday use. With my wife Eva, we decided to create a small skincare line, starting out with just eight products, and 111SKIN was born.”

111SKIN creates products designed to help the skin heal and works to ensure formulas are as active and effective as possible. “Our groundbreaking complexes are also what make us stand out,” says Alexandrides. “Our surgically-inspired skincare was created for all skin types, concerns, tones, ages and sexes, so it really is for everyone. I see a wide variety of patients from all different backgrounds at my clinic, and the line was created to work for each of their unique needs.”

Curious to see how this aerospace science-backed brand can give you results that are out of this world? Read on for our favorite 111SKIN products.



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